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Obama understands subservience…he just doesn’t understand who it is owed to. Neither does congress.

Big news over the weekend was President Barrack Obama’s bow to the emperor of Japan. Pundits across the land were screaming that Obama shouldn’t be showing such deference…that this bow, along with his bow to the Saudi king two months or so ago showed him to have a subservient attitude.

Hands were wrung, teeth were gnashed, and the ink flowed. How DARE he exhibit such a servile attitude? How dare he…and congress for that matter…exhibit such a beholdin’ attitude?

Well, I say good for him…now if only he can get congress to have the same attitude. It would mean that we, the American citizenry, only have half as much work to do as I thought to take this country back. I thought we would first have to teach those thieves in Washington that they were elected to serve, and THEN educate them to the notion that they were to serve US.

From his actions on meeting the Japanese emperor Mr. Obama doesn’t need lessons in servitude…he just needs some course correcting on who it is he should be serving…and maybe congress, on both sides of the aisle, can have their course corrected as well.

And oh yes…it is on both sides of the aisle and it is the elected officials AND the behind the scenes “movers and shakers” afflicted with the disease of misplaced servitude.

Barrack Obama trots the globe apologizing for America’s “imperialism” while the fact is that this country has not…ever…asked for one inch of foreign soil except for enough room to bury our dead that died defending other lands.

Newt Gingrich vocally espouses conservative values while endorsing a pro-abortion pro-labor candidate over an old-style, small government conservative in the recent special election for the NY 23rd district, taking care of party politics over the good of the people.

Michael Steele, the first black chairman of the GOP states that republicans, the people who elected him chairman, fear him because he is black, thus playing the race card every bit as well as Obama did regarding the Cambridge, MA police department.

Yep…the political landscape is littered with folks who know only how to serve their own self interest, who don’t make decisions on principles but on what sound bite makes them re-electable…and its time we did with that political litter what one does with any litter.

It’s time we threw it away.

It’s time we threw away the politicians and bureaucrats at every level, local, state, and federal, that don’t care about principles or the people they serve…instead caring only about their own political self-preservation.

It’s time we got rid of folks that play us against each other, keeping us fighting each other, so we won’t notice their self-protecting actions.

ANY time we interact with a politician or government bureaucrat, we need to remind them, always, that “We don’t work for you. You work for us.”

It’s time we do what we always do when cleaning house.

It’s time to throw out the garbage.


By Bob Hayles


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Semi-retired North Georgia writer, blogger, boiled peanut salesman, fisherman, politician – baiter…and the best damn cook you know who doesn’t make a living at it.

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