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U.S. House Speaker Tip O'Neill (D-MA)

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Thomas “Tip” O’Neill, Jr. was the speaker of the US House of Representatives from 1977 until 1987, and he is best known for a quote from his father after he lost his first political race.

Thinking votes were safe in his neighborhood due to the “home boy” factor, he took them for granted, barely campaigning there, instead focusing his efforts elsewhere. He polled well where he campaigned but got little support around home, and lost the election as a result.

His father, who had been silent during the campaign, letting O’Neill run his own show, spoke up after the loss, saying what has become an iconic political saying in the United States:

“Son, all politics is local.”

Mindful of O’Neill, Sr.’s words, this section of JuicyMaters, the “Politics is Local” section, will focus on just that…local politics in and around the JuicyMaters base, the mountains of North Georgia. The issues discussed will be those that impact the local residents here…but the politics of those issues, the nuts and bolts of local politics, how things are done, paying attention to local officials, demanding responsive government, requiring elected officials respect our rights, and, most importantly reminding them, at every possible opportunity, that “We don’t work for you. You work for US.” will, I hope, be fodder for discussion of local politics wherever this blog is read.

So…read, enjoy, and most important, participate. This is a discussion board, not a lecture series. There is a comment section at the bottom of every post…please use it for comments, discussions, and questions. All views are welcome here, regardless of whether they agree with the positions of the site owner or not.

Nothing will be censored or deleted for a position. The only thing that will make the site owner’s delete finger twitch is foul language, name calling, and ad hominem personal attacks.

Stick to issues and play nice is all I ask.



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