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Regular readers of know that I am a bi-partisan political hater. I think the democrats stink, and I think the republicans stink. My attitude is pretty much a pox on both their houses, and any difference between the parties is almost so small as to be unfindable.


Except on one topic.


When it comes to protecting the United States against Islamic terrorism, republicans tend toward doing a good job, while democrats are AWOL. Now, I’m not saying republicans are good on national security in general…protecting our borders is a part of national security and the republicans are as bad as democrats on border protection…but regarding the War on Terrorism republicans are present and doing all they can, as the minority party, to protect us, while democrats act as though we don’t even have a problem…and the people this administration has “in charge” don’t seem to have a clue what is going on.


Janet Napolitano, the director of Homeland Security, told us, after the attempted Christmas day Detroit plane bombing by the Underwear Bomber, that the “system worked” because Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was caught AFTER the bomb didn’t go off. She didn’t even get the fact that tragedy was averted not because the “system worked”, but because the bomber was incompetent and the bomb failed to detonate. The simple fact the bomb got on the plane was a system failure.


You would think Napolitano would at least be smart enough to learn from her mistakes, wouldn’t you? Well…not exactly.


We now have the Times Square bombing incident to look at…and again we have Napolitano claiming the system worked because hundreds weren’t killed and because law enforcement caught Faisal Shahzad within 53 hours…almost as good “…as Jack Bauer on “24”…”.


Ms. Napolitano, I’m sorry, but once again tragedy was avoided NOT because you and the rest of the federal security folks did a good job…you failed miserably once again…but because, again, the bomber was incompetent and made a bomb that didn’t work. Your incompetence was surpassed only by the bombers.


This administration’s apologists, besides covering for its incompetence, also demonstrates an ignorance of threat sources, instead choosing to politicize the issue with statements by the likes of NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, who told Katie Couric, before it was discovered the Times Square bomber was an Islamic Jihadist, that one likely perpetrator might be some crazy person upset with the health care bill…in other words, a Tea Party activist. Mayor Bloomberg, get politics out of your homeland security thinking.


So…how did we get here and how do we fix it?


We got here by letting politicians of both parties play us, like a Rainbow Trout fighting a fly rod line, against each other, getting us arguing about stupid things like did Tim Geitner pay his taxes, or did Sarah Palin really say she could see Russia from her front door, while they played fast and loose with out money, safety, and freedoms. It’s our fault…we let them do it.


We fix it by cleaning house this November. COMPLETELY cleaning house. 435 house seats are up for grabs, as are 33 senate seats. We can fix things by voting in 435 new house members and 33 new senators. Will we lose some good along with the bad? Yes…but folks, we have a cancer in Washington, and when a doctor cuts out a cancer he cuts out some good to be damn sure he gets all the bad.


Let’s do cancer surgery on congress.


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