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Steve Jobs for Fortune magazine

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Hey ma…I found a whiney corporate fat-cat!

I know this is a political blog, but given the butt-kicking President Obama routinely gives conservative “corporate fat-cats”, I figured a little poking of a whiney liberal darling corporate icon was…ahem…political enough.

It seems that Apple, Inc’s CEO, Steve Jobs, has a rather entitlement attitude about his precious i-Pad. I really don’t suppose this ought to surprise anyone…liberal-think always involves entitlement thinking, but it is usually the poor and downtrodden that liberals want to bestow their entitlement on…at the expense of the rest of us…instead of themselves. They usually aren’t so brazen about their own self-entitlement attitude, instead trying such dodges as Sen. John Kerry did with parking his yacht in Rhode Island, rather than Massachusetts where he lives, in order to avoid sales tax on its purchase.

No, liberals…or more accurately, progressives…tend to keep their corporate “greed” (their word, not mine. Mine is “desire for profits) under wraps, pretending that all they really think about is solving AIDS in Africa (never mind that George Bush, despite his other shortcomings AND its being unconstitutional spent more than all the liberals progressives ever thought of doing) and saving the elk herds from big oil’s money-grubbing desire to make money for their shareholders…you know…teacher’s pension funds and such.

But Jobs got some bad news, and opened his trap before engaging the filter of his progressive mind…and the truth seeped…oozed…out.

It seems that iPad sales aren’t exactly as expected and poor Apple’s shares slumped. Never mind that margin for the company came in at 36.9% instead of the anticipated 38.2% (compared to the 3% to 4% average of those nasty ol’ greedy insurance companies), and never mind that a large part of the reason for the slump was Apple’s inability to meet demand, and never mind that another reason might be consumer hesitancy due to the major glitches in the company’s big rollout this year, the newest iPhone (which didn’t work worth a damn without an aftermarket fix)…nooooo…

The problem is…competition. Yep…damned ol’ capitalistic competition. Apple faltered and competitors jumped into the breach. Quoting from a Reuter’s story:

“Jobs, who has not addressed investors on an earnings call for two years, lashed out at competitors Google Inc and Research in Motion and dismissed the smaller tablets made by rivals such including Samsung and Dell.

“The current crop of 7-inch tablets are going to be DOA, dead on arrival,” Jobs told analysts on the conference call. “Their manufacturers will learn the painful lesson that their tablets are too small.”

Uh…Steve…their products are on the market, yours aren’t. I don’t know that a two inch difference is that big a deal or not, but I don’t care if yours somehow comes with a 32 inch flat screen and still fits in your shirt pocket…if I can’t find it to buy it it simply doesn’t matter. Just shut the hell up, make more iPads, and quit whining.

Sheesh…no wonder Obama spends so much time and effort bashing conservative capitalism. With progressive capitalist whiners like Jobs looking for excuses instead of solutions for their failures, they…like progressive talk radio…need all the government help they can get.

Wait a minute…that’s not really capitalism, is it…..?



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