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Welcome to the second installment of a suggested agenda that the recent elections show the electorate wants of the politicians we just elected…politicians on probation, not politicians to whom we’ve given free reign.

Contact your elected officials if you agree with this agenda. Tell them what you expect of them as your representatives…and that ignoring “we the people” and the constitution will result in them being part of another electoral bloodbath in 2012.


This country has porous borders and an out of control immigration problem. Those are facts that few people would disagree with, though progressives see it as an avenue to gaining more political support from illegal immigrants made legal through “immigration reform”, progressive-speak for amnesty. They don’t see our porous borders as a problem.

The citizens of this country, both ones born here and immigrants who followed the law and came here legally, don’t want amnesty or any other “path to citizenship” for people whose first act on American soil is to ignore the laws of this country by entering illegally, and we don’t take seriously an administration that claims to want a secure border but which tells the Texas governor if he needs troops on the border send…and pay for…his own state’s National Guard.

President Obama and Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano need to read the constitution again. It plainly states that it is the responsibility of the federal government to secure our borders, NOT to choose for themselves if they want to secure them or not. The new congress should, by every legal means possible, attempt to force the administration to follow the constitution, the constitution they swore an oath to uphold.

So, what, specifically, should the government, at the direction of the incoming congress, do in regards to illegal immigration? How about these four things, in this order, as a working plan:

1. Secure the border. Not kind of secure it. Not sort of secure it. Lock the damn thing down, period. We have demonstrated that we don’t have a clue how to do that (at least at the decision-making level. I’d bet my last penny a group of border sheriffs from Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, along with working level Border Patrol folks, could come up with a solution FAST) by the fact that the federal government gave a $1.1 billion contract to Boeing in 2007 to come up with a solution…and for that money, as of August 2010, Boeing has built 50 miles of hi-tech fence…hi –tech fence that doesn’t work. If the administration is too proud to ask the border sheriffs, here’s another idea. Israel is the most hated country on earth, with hundreds of millions of people who would like to see it destroyed, yet they are effective at controlling their border. Ask them how to do it. The Israelis could probably give some effective pointers on securing airplanes without naked pictures of granny and being pedophiles by “feeling up” children too.


2. Depending on whose estimates you go by there are between 12 million and 18 million illegal aliens in the United States. The hard, cold fact, regardless of which side of the issue you are on, is that it would be near impossible to round them all up and send them to their home country…realistically it just isn’t going to happen.


What can happen is telling those already here, “W can’t catch all of you to send you home, and we aren’t going to try. If you act like law-abiding visitors (other than breaking the law by even being here) we are going to leave you alone…but we aren’t going to help you. No tax paid education. No tax paid health care beyond TRUE emergencies. Don’t bother showing up at the emergency room because your tummy hurts; go buy some Pepto-Bismol…with your own money. If you have a true medical emergency you’ll get help, not because it is your right or because it’s the law, but because it’s the good and charitable thing to do, and that’s the way we roll. No Medicaid, no Food stamps, no tax paid welfare, no instate tuition for folks who not only aren’t legally in-state, but aren’t even in-country. Many private charitable organizations will help you…because it’s the good and charitable thing to do, and, again, that’s the way we roll.


If you break the law though…beyond a minor traffic or jaywalking ticket, you better not have forgotten your native language because you are going home. If you commit a violent crime you are going to jail, period, then you are going to be shipped home. No exceptions, no excuses.”


As for American companies that take advantage of illegals, hiring them at low pay to do junk jobs, you will quit or you will be out of business. If you are caught with illegal employees and cannot PROVE you made a legitimate attempt to get documentation of legal status, you are going to pay a heavy price. I would suggest as appropriate punishment a fine of $5,000 per employee as a first offense and $10,000 per employee PLUS criminal prosecution for subsequent violations, along with cancelling any business or professional licenses.


3. For folks who want to enter legally, and be able to be a part of American culture, whether they wish to become citizens or simply legal residents, we should streamline and speed up the process (note: streamline the process, not ease the requirements), and immigrants should follow the law. Those who break the law and try to sneak in early while waiting for the process to work should have their application denied and re-application should be only after a 5 year waiting period.


4. Demand that everyone follow federal law regarding immigration; specifically demand that the Justice Department aggressively pursue and prosecute officials at the local and state level that create “sanctuaries” within their jurisdiction…now THERE would be a constitutional use of federal power.



The country’s healthcare system needed repair; there is no doubt about that. All health care costs have been skyrocketing for years, from insurance premiums to co-pays to prescription drug costs. When you add in the costs we pay when we cover the uninsured by paying higher costs for paid care and waste and fraud in Medicaid and Medicare there is no doubt the system is broken and must be fixed.

Obamacare is not that fix, and the problems with Obamacare cannot be fixed piecemeal. Obamacare must be repealed and repairing the healthcare system must start over from the beginning. Progressives who support socialized medicine try to appease opponents by acknowledging there are “a few” parts of the plan that need attention, but they maintain that to repeal and start over would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater by getting rid of the good parts.

Most Americans disagree. Well over half of this country’s citizens…voters…want Obamacare repealed and for congress to start over on fixing the health care system. Since Obama and the progressives are so fond of using a car as an example (“Bush and the republicans drove us in the ditch”), I’ll continue with the car analogy.

Obamacare is a broken down car, and we have a choice. We look it over real good, maybe ask a mechanic to check it out, and then have to decide whether we fix it or replace it. First we find bald tires…OK, you don’t buy a new car for that, you buy new tires. Then you find a hole in both the radiator and the heater core. Now we are talking a serious repair…but it still makes sense to repair the car instead of replacing it.

After more checking we find more…a lot more…problems. Besides the tires and radiator and heater core issues we find the transmission needs replacing, the engine needs rebuilding, and all the suspension parts are worn out and must be replaced. In addition, the radio doesn’t work, the seats are torn and the headliner is falling down. To be sure, some things are still serviceable…the steering wheel is still round and the windows aren’t broken. For what the repairs would cost we could buy a new car. So, the question is, do we buy a new car or do we repair a car that has so many problems now, and perhaps has many more we haven’t yet found?

Obama and the progressives want to repair the car. We can’t…yet…force them to junk it and start over by getting a new one, but we CAN refuse to pay for repairs to this one, by the House of Representatives, which controls the country’s purse strings, refusing to fund ANY of it. Demand, loudly and often, that your representatives and senators vote to defund Obamacare at EVERY opportunity.

There is another thing you need to demand that is healthcare related only a little bit.

Remember when Obamacare was first being pushed? Remember when the $500 billion in cuts from Medicare was not going to affect the folks on Medicare because they were going to come from cutting waste and fraud, not services? Tell your representative and senators that if there is $500 billion in waste and fraud it is their job to cut it just because it’s there and shouldn’t be…don’t wait to cut waste and fraud until you want to spend the saved money somewhere else, like Obamacare,

Cut the damn waste and fraud, not to spend it elsewhere, but JUST BECAUSE!

Next week…two more posts on suggested agenda items for the 112th congress. Monday’s post will address Earmarks/pork barrel spending and “hidden bills”.

This is a discussion, not a lecture. Please…add your thoughts by clicking on the comments link below. Agree, disagree, add to or subtract from the suggestions…or just say, “Hi!”.

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