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Hi folks…if you are here and this is the first thing you see, well…one of two things has happened:

1. You stumbled in by accident.

2. You are here because you were one of my political readers over on JuicyMaters, and have bn waiting patiently for the new political blog I promised.  Well, here it is…sorta.  As you can see, it is still under construction…but at least that is a start!  I expect the new political blog to be functional, with all the political posts from before, by mid-April, with it being fully up, running, and pissing governmental types off by May 1, so…

Keep coming back!

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Semi-retired North Georgia writer, blogger, boiled peanut salesman, fisherman, politician – baiter…and the best damn cook you know who doesn’t make a living at it.

Which do I enjoy the most? It’s a toss up between fishin’ and baiting politicians.


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