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Donald Trump in February 2009

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The mainstream media has marginalized so-called “birthers” about that Obama birth certificate for months. Between ridicule and statements from the democrat governor of Hawaii, those who doubt Barrack Obama’s status as a natural born citizen of the United States have been relegated to the fringes.

Or, at least that WAS the case until Donald Trump started jockeying for publicity using the birth certificate issue as fuel for his PR machine. Now, the Obama folks have the birther issue to distract folks on the conservative side from issues that actually matter…and that works to Obama’s advantage.

It really doesn’t matter which side of the birther issue you are on…focusing on it is bad for the constitutional conservatives, the GOP, and the country. Attention paid to the issue is a distraction…a distraction that really doesn’t matter, even if true.

The time for raising the issue of Obama’s birthplace was in early 2008, when the outcome could have disqualified Obama, cutting short his desire for the presidency before being elected. Proving he didn’t qualify then would have ended his run at the office.

Now, with Obama elected, the issue, even if it had been true, doesn’t matter. With Obama in office even absolute unarguable proof that he is not eligible to hold the presidency would not cause his removal before the 2012 elections. As we have seen, the democrats use the legal system very effectively to delay any attempt to thwart their progressive agenda. If the birthers were right, Obama’s removal from office would be certain. However, his removal from office before the 2012 elections would be almost impossible. The only ones to win anything from the issue being raised would have been Trump, who is garnering attention, his goal, and the Obama campaign by having a distraction from real issues.

Obama has plenty of real problems that can be used to thwart his re-election.

His fiscal policy has driven the United States to the edge of bankruptcy.

Contrary to his vote as a senator, he supports driving the country further in debt by upping the debt limit rather than having the country do as it’s citizens must do…live within it’s means.

He has expanded, unconstitutionally, military operations in the mid-east and north Africa.

He ignores the federal courts by continuing a defacto moratorium on drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico after being ordered by the federal courts to end said moratorium.

His contention that his opposition to gulf drilling is for environmental reasons is proven false when his administration guarantees a $2 billion loan to the Brazilian government to drill in…the Gulf of Mexico, sending drilling jobs in the same spot to a foreign country instead of to Americans.

The same supposed environmental concerns are proven false when his administration backs loans to a Columbian oil refinery…when American refining capacity is maxed out and in need of expansion.

He demagogues Republican efforts to bring out-of-control federal spending under control, falsely claiming, also known as lying, when he claims Paul Ryan’s budget proposal will end Medicare and Medicaid, telling folks it will kill granny and deny medical care for the poor when he KNOWS it is a lie, yet he cannot offer any alternative to the Ryan plan besides vague references to education and investment (translation: MORE federal spending) in alternative energy development.

The list goes on…and on…and on, ad infinitum.

Let’s pick a winnable fight. The possibilities are endless, but the birth certificate issue isn’t among them.


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