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Yesterday news broke that the Obama re-election campaign was guilty of breaking federal election laws. It seems that a campaign video was apparently shot in the White House…federal property…a violation of Federal Elections Commission rules.

The likelihood of Obama or his minions being held legally accountable for breaking the law is between Slim and None…and Slim just left town. Oh, the FEC wil probably whine a bit, and slap the Obama campaign around a bit for show, but little will really happen.

Or so the elite progressive lawyers on the Obama team think. They are too busy keeping the angry elephant at bay to pay attention to the itty-bitty mice scurrying around underfoot.

Itty-bitty mice…that would be the people, the electorate, the folks who are in charge when they are awake. Itty-bitty mice…that would be us, and we are awake…finally…and have been for two and a half years now.

When Obama made that video, he made not one, but two legal mistakes. Besides breaking federal election law that can be administratively dealt with and ignored until it goes away, he broke criminal law as well…he broke criminal law in most of the states and most local legal jurisdictions in the United States, and for that he can be made to pay with the legal version of “death by a thousand cuts”.

Besides breaking election law by making that video on federal property, Obama made an offer to the viewers:

He offered dinner with him at the White House for one lucky winner.

People would register for a drawing to have dinner, and a winner would be drawn…OK so far.

How would people register for the drawing? Send an email to the campaign? Snail mail a registration? Call the local Obama re-election office?

No, they would register for the drawing by making a $5 donation to Obama’s re-election campaign fund. Registration is just like when the local Lions Club gives away a pickup truck every year as a fund raiser…the Obama campaign ran a raffle.

Raffles are gambling…and gambling is illegal, with some specific exceptions, in most jurisdictions in the United States.


Their “Oooops!” moment is not an “ooops” for those who recognize the slow destruction of the American way of life by an administration hell bent on a world without borders, an administration hell bent on the “fundamental transformation” of America, an administration hell bent on taking the free-est country in history and turning it into a European socialist, total government control. It is not an “ooops” for those who are awake.

It is an opportunity, and “we the people” rarely get an opportunity.

As this post’s title suggests, YOU can hold Obama legally accountable rather than waiting for the “just the way business is done” political machine to NOT work. You can put him through a legal “death by a thousand cuts” by demanding that local officials where you live simply enforce the law.

Any suggestion that YOU help hold Obama legally accountable raises two questions that must be answered:

How and why?

The “why?” is simple.

It is the most effective way to demonstrate Obama’s contempt for the law and the people, to hold him accountable, and to use his contempt against him in his re-election efforts.

All other efforts to date have failed.

Obama has trashed US bankruptcy law in his government takeover of 2/3 of the US auto industry. Unlike in a normal business bankruptcy where secured creditors and bondholders are among the first people compensated, the Obama administration went around normal procedures I order to see that political “friends”, specifically the auto worker’s unions, were protected. He got away with it.

On two different occasions the Obama administration ignored an order of a federal judge regarding the moratorium on drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. After the Deepwater Horizon disaster the administration announced a moratorium on drilling in the gulf. A federal judge ordered it lifted. The administration continued the ban. A federal judge AGAIN ordered it lifted. To date, through foot-dragging in the permitting process, a de facto ban is still in place…with no consequences to the administration.

Why should “we the people”, the individual citizens of this country work to hold Obama responsible for his actions? For the simplest reason possible…it’s the right thing to do, and no one else seems willing.

The “how” is simple as well.

By running a raffle, Obama’s campaign has broken the law in every jurisdiction in the United States where gambling is illegal, and some jurisdictions where some gambling is legal.

For example, here in Georgia gambling is illegal unless it s state sponsored gambling, like the lottery. One exception is raffles to raise funds for charitable organizations, but even then each county’s sheriff must approve each raffle activity individually…and it is doubtful that the Obama campaign got permission of each sheriff in Georgia to conduct a raffle in that sheriff’s county. I know he didn’t in Pickens County where I live, and I doubt he did in the other 160 some odd counties in Georgia.

In most other states, in most other jurisdictions, the situation is probably similar, leaving the Obama campaign open to a campaign of “death by a thousand cuts”.

The more local the issue, the more responsive local elected officials are to it. Most sheriffs and district attorneys in the country are elected by local citizens, by YOU.

Call them. Tell them that as a citizen you want the laws against illegal gambling enforced. Tell them you want to see charges brought because of this raffle just as charges would be brought if YOU ran an illegal raffle. Tell them you want to see them act in accordance with the principle of “equal justice under law”.

Remind them that they are elected, and that allowing this illegal gambling to happen without consequences puts them on Obama’s side.

Let them know that if they don’t act you will contact every media outlet within 100 miles, and that while some will dismiss you as a nut, some will listen, and you will create a media firestorm around local elected officials letting Obama break the law.

Could the Obama campaign be effective while fighting hundreds, perhaps thousands, of criminal charges all over the country? Perhaps, but doubtful. It’s hard to concentrate on one front while constantly putting out fires on another.

Is it conventional warfare against Obama? No…but the colonists didn’t fight King George conventionally either.

This death by a thousand cuts is unconventional. It’s guerilla warfare. And it’s effective if it appens all over the country, not just in one or two instances.

I’ll be asking my local officials to bring charges by the end f the week. Are you going to help…or are you still asleep?


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    Still asleep. But if they go after the Bush administration for their lies and perjury in front of the whole country, then I’m game.


      Bush sucked as president, for a variety of reasons…some we would agree on, some we wouldn't, but…

      He isn't president now, and guess what? He hasn't been for almost three years. I'm not looking for retribution…I'm not living in the past. I'm more concerned with the future, and anything that throws a (legal) monkey-wrench into efforts to re-elect Obama is something I consider good for the country's future.

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