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OK…so the SOPA protest two days ago worked. SOPA has been withdrawn in the house, and it’s twin, PIPA, has been withdrawn in the Senate, so folks who believe in free speech in the digital age are safe, right?

Hardly.  The bills will be back in slightly altered form, but with the same threats to the first amendment.

Here is why the bills are so bad, and what to do about them:

Use that widget over to your right in the sidebar.  Contact your congresscritter…let them know you are awake and will not stand for a continued trashing of the constitution, and they can start following it OR you’ll be glad to help make them polish up their resumes.

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    Nice video clips here, I think SOPA will not just that to fade away in a crazy manner, Its not about the Bill rather they must look on what SOPA brings to everyone.
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    The bills will be back in slightly altered form, but with the same threats to the first amendment.Great sharing of video..
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    I hope so… And if the time they brought it up again, lots of online people will still protest against SOPA.
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    It looks like the country is on the tipping point of moving back from totalitarian policies. If somebody manages to dismantle all the anti-freedom elements of NDAA, I would say that everything is going back to normal.
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    Opponents state that the bill would give the government too much authority over websites and the capacity to close them down simply by hosting copyrighted material. Nice sharing of very much appreciated..
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