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If you ever get that non-specific “pissed off” feeling you can’t find a specific source for about the way the United States is run, maybe this is why:


"The Price", a painting by WWII war correspondant Tom Lea

"The Price", a painting by WWII war correspondant Tom Lea

“I fell flat on my face just as I heard the whishhh of a mortar I knew was too close. A red flash stabbed at my eyeballs. About fifteen yards away, on the upper edge of the beach, it smashed down four men from our boat. One figure seemed to fly to pieces. With terrible clarity I saw the head and one leg sail into the air.

I got up… ran a few steps, and fell into a small hole as another mortar burst threw dirt on me. Lying there in terror looking longingly up the slope for better cover, I saw a wounded man near me, staggering in the direction of the LVTs (Landing Vehicle – Tracked). His face was half bloody pulp and the mangled shreds of what was left of an arm hung down like a stick, as he bent over in his stumbling, shock-crazy walk. The half of his face that was still human had the most terrifying look of abject patience I have ever seen. He fell behind me, in a red puddle on the white sand.”

You knew you were pissed off. Now, maybe, you know why.

Semi-retired North Georgia writer, blogger, boiled peanut salesman, fisherman, politician – baiter…and the best damn cook you know who doesn’t make a living at it.

Which do I enjoy the most? It’s a toss up between fishin’ and baiting politicians.


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    Any time there is any kind of issue with our nation the blame is put on the opposite party. Almost without fail, the Republicans/Right blame the Democrats/Left and vice-versa, it’s been a constant over the years.


    Hi Bob: We meet you on the square today in Dahlonega, Ga. ….. Enjoyed meeting you & Cathy. ……. We watch your most recent Blog and must say we are impressed with what you have said. Kudos to you and keep up the good work. This is the truth spoken with a clarity seldom seen. MORE PLEASE. Marc and Terresa. Me: [email protected]


      Marc…it was good meeting you and Terresa. Maybe we’ll run into each other up there on the square again…maybe before we all have eaten. We were standing in front of a really great place to eat.

      I appreciate the kind words on my video. Maybe if enough of us scream into the wind, long and loud enough, folks will take some action besides wishing and hoping. If everyone would make three lousey phone calls a week…30 minutes max for all three, to their rep and senator letting them know we aren’t going back to sleep, and reminding them, over and over, who they work for, we could get back to the constitutional republic this country was intended to be.


    I really loved your post! I’ll be pinning this on pinterest!


    Develop effective arguments against conservative viewpoints. Justify liberal positions as answers to current social and political problems in society.


      I hope you don’t think there is really any difference between the modern conservatives and the modern liberals, do you? They want the same thing…control of the masses…with the only difference being their purpose in gaining that control.

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