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A Chinese dissident is dependent on President Obama for his freedom, and given Obama’s record on human rights, it is NOT looking good for him. Obama can’t seem to be able to make up his mind on whether he believes in human rights or not.  After all:

  • He says he supports human rights, using it as an excuse to support the overthrow of Ghadaffi…but in 2009 he refused to even make a verbal statement in support of the Iranian protesters as they were slaughtered in Tehran.
    (Photo credit: Painted Tapes)”]Arab Spring [LP]
  • He says he supports human rights, supporting the Arab spring, which gave Egypt to the intolerant Muslim Brotherhood, but he refuses to give more than ineffective lip service to stopping the slaughter in Syria.
  • He says he supports human rights, enthusiastically supporting the “Occupy” movement, a group of disillusioned, lawbreaking, business destroying youth, led by union organizers and American Communist Party thugs, as giving voice to “the 99%,  but refuses to let his Attorney General prosecute New Black Panther thugs that threaten violence against “honkeys” and “crackers” if they try to enter a polling place.

No…we can’t rely on Obama to come down on the side of human rights unless it supports his communist agenda…and the Chinese dissident I tell you about in the video cannot count on Obama, the man who revers dictators and oppressive regimes like China’s.

Now…if you are like me, you don’t trust Obama to do the right thing regarding the topic in the video…but we, you and I, can…CAN…force his hand if we yell loud enough, so…

Start yelling…to congress, to the state department, and to the White House.

White House phone number:


State Department:

Public liaison office-202-647-8411


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    I won’t trust Obama any more, only with words could everybody support the human rights, as the minister president of the United States he had to be more confident and consequent. That’s not what weVe expected from him.


    Obama is such a fool, he doesn’t care about the important things, but he is loud when it’s about the gay marriage. Manipulating his audience, nothing else.


    If not for Obama’s actions we would be in a great dieoessprn. Would you rather be standing in the bread line with the rest of us if we just sat back and done nothing about the economy?We may have a false economy right now with so much money being poured in by the gov, but at least it is giving it something to stand on. Maybe we could step back and let it fall in its face with the too little to late policy that helped the last Great Depression get started.


    Hi Bob,

    Great thoughts but every politician and government on this earth has two faces one for public domain and one for their own interests and they do what serves them best. If not for greedy politicians and industrialists the world would not be in recession and would have been a better place to live in.

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