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You folks DID hear President Obama channeling Saul Alinsky, the auther of “Rules for Radicals, this past weekend, didn’t you? No? You missed it?

Oh my…keep going…you might find something that pisses you off…Glenn Beck

Most of my videos are scripted…or if not a script, at least a list of bullet points. I script them and, yes, most of the time, work with a teleprompter. If I just start rambling, all my mental organization goes right out the window and I tend to get off message so…a script.

Not this time. I’m usually irritated when I make the videos for the show, which I think is understandable given my general focus on poor, corrupt, immoral, and unconstitutional government, but I still keep things planned.

This time I’m past irritated. Past pissed. Past mad.

This time I’m mad as hell, didn’t use a script, and it shows. Sorry…but despite the glitches, I think the information and analysis is spot on:

Now, if you watched the video, you have a few choices:

  • You can blow me off as a nutjob…after all, the show IS “The Tinfoil Hat Club”…and either ignore me or pass the link around to your friends so you can all have a good laugh at the “nutjob”.
  • You can be an Obama toady and syncophant, a fellow Alinsky-ite and communist, and be mad at folks like me who out your kind and your agenda.  I don’t give a rats ass WHAT you think and you can go to hell.
  • You can agree with me and want to spread the word far and wide, and you can pass a link to this post everywhere…your email list, your Facebook page, and to your Twitter account
  • You can agree with me and pass the message along yourself, without linking to this post.  You don’t need me to speak for you…you are smart or you wouldn’t be here!

Of course, whichever you do…leave a comment below and let me…and other readers…know what you think.

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    I don’t trust Obama anymore… He is for human rights in his words but when it comes to act he seems to be weak. I don’t like this kind of people, they aren’t confident.

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