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I’ve gone to the Dark Side folks. I’m joining Obama’s call for everyone to pay “their fair share”. After all, that’s only “fair”, right?

There IS one caveat, though, to my getting on board with Obama. I think we really ought to define “fair share”, rather than just spout the words as pabulum for the masses:

So, call those congresscritters and tell them you agree with the “fair share” idea, once “fair share” is properly defined. You might offer up the alternative to paying more while you are at it. Suggest…strongly…that rather than collecting more money, congress might, just maybe, consider spending less, a LOT less. Otherwise, their bosses (you know, “we the people”) just might parrot Donald Trump…”You’re fired!”

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Which do I enjoy the most? It’s a toss up between fishin’ and baiting politicians.


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    I think that fair share idea is just another trick to manipulate people. They will speak about this fair share and about supporting the gay marriage, but they will forget about the supporting the human rights, Guantanamo and so on…


    Does anyone trust the prime minister of the US yet? I know that the crowd could be manipulated with these fake things, but his voters aren’t only under-schooled lambs…

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