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CONCORD, NH - SEPTEMBER 04:  Former Massachuse...


All through the Republican debates we heard an undercurrent of murmurings about how the slash and burn tactics the candidates took against each other could drive down the enthusiasm of the electorate the eventual candidate was going to have to rely on to get elected.  There were a lot of people who feared that while it would not drive people to vote for the Democrats, it WOULD drive people to stayt home is disgust, not voting at all, thus giving Obama and the communist left a victory on November 6.

As the debates came to a close, and the divisive rhetoric within the party’s candidates quieted, so did the talk of voters staying home.  One of the talking head pundits on one of the national 24/7 channels, Charles Krauthammer on FOX News, went so far as to say “even a ham sandwich could beat Obama”.

The question remains, differently worded:

“Can Mitt Romney do as well or better as that ham sandwich?”



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