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The Democrat/progressive side of the aisle often accuses the Republicans of working against legeslation they previously promoted when it becomes something Democrats are for, for no other reason than they will oppose ANYTHING the other side, and especially Obama, support.

Oddly, they never seem to acknowledge that they do the same thing.  This article shows that sometimes the right is more interested in the environment, and less interested in opposing something just because it is right in line with the stated beliefs of their political opponents.

Illinois progressives kill plastic-bag recycling bill supported by conservatives

“Progressives and environmentalists in the House opposed it, and ultimately stopped it by one vote. If that sounds upside-down, it’s because there was another element: The specter of local governments banning plastic bags completely.”


Next time you hear a Democrat accuse the Republicans of obstructionism for the sake of obstructionism, you might point out the mistake of throwing stones from the porch of a glass house.

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    The protection of our environment mustn’t depend on any political sites. It must be a universal goal and trend, which all of the politician must have follow. But I know that it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Although everyone knows it, that it should be one of the most important things in the human life, to keep our planet for our children, but it isn’t worth for to take a battle against the industry for a politician. Our politicians are sponsored by the industries, and they don’t care about the environment. That’s why all the politician shut up if it is about the environment. The example you have described is really cool by the way.


    It is sad but true, that even the greens cannot do anything with that. All the politician get their money from the people from the industry, they aren’t motivated to protect our planet.


    I truly agree with you guys. The head of the State should be the first one to clean up his fence before others’ fences. They should start at their own home. I hope you get my point.


    I just can’t believe why people trust politician. When they talk about protecting our environment and being green, they only want to get some votes from that part of the population. Being sustainable is a long term plan and our system with all the politicians (both sides) don’t care about this danger because it doesn’t have financial benefits. It only would have some global benefits for our grandchildren, but they don’t care about them…


      Lena…you are right…politicians are untrustworthy. We would me better served by trained monkeys.

      It would be nice to have some statesmen in office, but we seem to be in short supply of those.


    Politician have never cared about our planet, only we can change these negative processes with our thinking. Sustainable living isn’t easy at all, but is really worth to do so because our grandchildren must have the right for living on this planet… their territory mustn’t be destroyed just because of the profit…and actually, that’s happening nowadays…

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