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18 months ago I thought “no election in November” was little more than a whacko theory of nut job tinfoil hat wearers. As a matter of fact, of all the strange conspiracies, THIS is the one that pronpted the name of the videos on this site and the name of my YouTube

12 months ago when I heard folks talk about “no election in November” I was less likely to dismiss the theory out of hand, but was still inclined to respond with, “Are you crazy?  THAT can’t happen here…this is America!”

Tin Foil Hat

6 months ago when “no election in November” came up, I wasn’t quite so sure, but still considered it unlikely…I think.

Today?  I’m honestly not sure…I’m on the fence, running about 50-50 on whether I believe there will be “no election in November”…but I have to say, I am concerned, and I’m NOT just dismissing it out of hand.

After the video, tell me what you think.


The Daily Caller’s article by Major Gen Jerry Curry (ret), regarding ammunition sales…and why domestic agencies need so much of it.

YouTube video of US military training for urban warfare…in US cities!

The ACLU on the NDAA and indefinite detention.

Next week we’ll see if you think I’m off my medication AGAIN.  We’ll look at possible ways Barack Obama might intentionally cause a crisis that would give him the excuse to do as the video suggests he will.



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    I wish there was an election and I had’t thought that it could have bee changed, I think it’s going to be a complicated election with a lot of problems. Not only the date…

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