Sep 242012

A few weeks back President Obama made news…and got a boatload of bad publicity, especially among small business owners…when he told a crowd of people at a campaign stop (does he make any other kind of stop these

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

days?) that if you had a small business, “You didn’t build that!”

The backlash, especially from those people who he insulted, those who did, indeed, “build that”, has been loud and lasted far beyond a one day story’s normal life. Apparently, people who work 60-70-80 hours a week, mortgaging their homes and everything else they own, didn’t appreciate the insult.

I would HATE to make the same mistake here.

It would be impolite…and impolitic…to imply that Prez Barry had not “built that”. With that in mind, it would be a good thing to do if I were to give Obama the credit he well deserves. With that in mind, here is something that obama did, indeed, build:


The Foundry:

Yesterday, the President and Secretary of State of the United States of America went on Pakistani television to apologize.
In a commercial containing clips from their Washington press conferences, subtitled in Urdu, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton said “sorry” to the mad hordes attacking the American embassy in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad and deplored the infamous anti-Muslim14-minute YouTube video.

Obama’s only real diplomacy mode is to apologize on behalf of America and mirror the responses of his Muslim audience. That’s an annoying tactic when it’s practiced by customer service representatives, but it’s positively degrading for the leader of a great power to act like the customer service rep for AT&T.

But what was the Obama administration’s official response to the tearing down of the American flag at the U.S. flag on 9/11? The administration issued an apology to the protestors for offending them. Here is the entire statement from the U.S. Embassy to the protestors…

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    Sad but true… I used to be a loyal open-minded liberal, but I cannot trust Obama anymore…


    I’m looking forward what’s going on next…people don’t need to let him destroy the whole nation…

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