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President Obama came out with his anti-2nd Amendment plans to take guns away from law abiding citizens this past week, and it didn’t take Eric :Fast and Furious” Holder to begin promulgating specific rules that would actually

US Gun Ownership Grows Under Obama Presidency ...

take guns away from people…guns that they already own…despite the lie the president told about “grandfathering” those already owned guns.

The proposed regulations would allow (read “encourage”) local law enforcement agencies to perform an NCIS check on people when the law enforcement agency transfers, returns, or sells guns that have been confiscated, seized, or recovered.  Current rules do not allow access to the NCIS for that purpose.

Depending on the circumstances, “transfers” could be interpreted to mean an act as simple as “transferring” a gun from the possession of a local police department to a citizen who lawfully owns the gun and had reported it stolen, only to have the police find it in the course of arresting a suspect in the burglary of the citizens home.  “Returning” a gun found under the same circumstances would also be covered by the new rules.

These new rules would allow (read mandate) local law enforcement to run background checks through the NCIS when ANY gun leaves their possession, even back to their rightful, lawful owners.  Combine this with the concurrent rule Holder has cooked up under Obama’s executive order (not law passed by our Congress) that records be held indefinitely, and what is being created is de facto gun registration, the first tool used by dictators in disarming the populace in order to subjugate them.

Currently, law enforcement agencies cannot perform a NICS check when transferring, returning or selling weapons that have been confiscated, seized or recovered. The new rules would change that, allowing officials to perform a background check on people who receive those weapons to ensure that they are permitted to own a gun.

Read more on The Hill.

Author’s note: Folks, this administration intends to eviscerate the 2nd Amendment, along with the rest of the Constitution.  The ONLY way to stop this is to bring an unprecedented amount of pressure on our elected officials, both at the local level to strongly encourage them to defy Obama’s unconstitutional edicts (as many sheriff’s are doing nationwide), and through your members of congress, telling your representative to support ANY impeachment attempts (or start them themselves) and telling your Senators you expect them to defy Obama at EVERY turn.

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    Frankly, I look forward to rules that provide for background checks. Given that they’re not done, or allowed today, makes us extremely unsafe. Whacked out, absolutely crazy, paranoid and delusional lunatics are currently allowed to buy and use weapons with impunity. Similarly, terrorists can easily walk up and buy some serious firepower en masse without so much as a sideways glance at gun show after gun show across our nation. It’s time to curb the ease with which folks who should never have access to guns being able to readily attain them. Oh … and by the way … there is absolutely NOTHING in the proposed legislation that says they’re going to show up at your door and take away your guns.


      Vickie, welcome to Common Sense Conversation. I hope you keep coming back and are a part of the conversation here.

      Other than the fact that it provides a way to compile a database of gun buyers so they COULD be confiscated on down the road, I really don’t have a problem with background checks on purchases. The problem here is that it provides for, indeed almost mandates, a NEW background check on a gun owner already deemed OK to own a gun if he must retrieve it from the police for any reason. If the police recover it after his house is burglarized, a new background check. If the police secure it after he is injured in a car accident and must be taken to the hospital by ambulance and has a gun LEGALLY in his car, he would have to go through another background check in order to get it back.

      Those are just a couple of examples…I could give more, ad infanitum.

      As for ” absolutely NOTHING in the proposed legislation that says they’re going to show up at your door and take away your guns.”, there wasn’t with the laws passed by Pol Pot, Castro, Stalin, hitler, et al…at first, but eventually weapon registration information was used to disarm the populace, making them unable to defend themselves when the state sanctioned murders began. You HAVE heard of the Holocaust, right? How successful do you think that would have been had every German Jew had still been armed?

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