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An appropriate description of Congress, Democrats and Republicans

The sequester isn’t disastrous…its barely a good start


3/5 of 1%…sixty cents of $100…that is what the sequester will cut, and the Cabal of 8 calls it devastating.  The Cabal of 8…along with the rest of the Chicken Littles in Washington…aren’t just liars.  They are damned liars…and An appropriate description of Congress, Democrats and Republicansthieves to boot.

My math may be a bit off…I have heard percentages from three fifths of one percent to 3 percent (I personally think the lower is closer to accurate , but any way you figure it, the consequences of the sequester will hardly be noticeable, and they aren’t really even a good start on the cutting that must be done if this country is to have even a small chance of recovering from the economic disaster brought on by this president AND previous ones, this Congress AND previous ones, these congressmen AND previous ones, and both Democrats and the GOP.

First let’s be entirely clear…there are absolutely NO cuts ANYWHERE, sequester or no sequester.  There is only the question of how big the increases will be.  Only in Washington can a decrease in the amount of increase be called a cut.  At your house, if you spend $100.00 this year the only way you can claim to make a cut is to spend less than $100.00 next year…otherwise its an increase, plain and simple.

Not in Washington to our elected officials (and at the local and state level as well).  In Washington if you spent $100.00 this year and in your planning you intend to spend $110.00 next year but have to reduce the amount you spend to $105.00, that is a cut.  Anyplace else it is an increase, but to a politician it is a cut.

Damn liars.  It is NOT a cut…they just think we are stupid enough to believe them when they say it is.  You know the old saying, “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes reality.”

The sequester, reality vs the liars:

  • The liars:  Military spending would be cut by $42.7 billion.  The reality:  There would be NO cut in military spending from this fiscal year to next.  The amount that military spending will be increased will simply be smaller.

    Further, a difference needs to be made between military spending and defense spending.  They are not even close to the same thingDefense spending is money spent to defend the United States and its legitimate interests.  Military spending is money spent to support a military industrial complex consisting of lobbyists and their client defense companies that produce military hardware for the United States government, needed or not.An example would be the F -22 Raptor, produced jointly by Lockheed/Martin and Boeing.No one involved in the actual defense of this country wanted the F – 22 from the start.  The Department of Defense did not want it.  The Department of the Air Force and Department of the Navy, the only two services that use fighters, did not want it.  The Pentagon did not want it.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff did not want it.  It was wanted, however. Lockheed/Martin wanted it because it meant a big fat contract for them.  So did Boeing for the same reason.  As did the aerospace worker’s union who stood to keep workers on the job building a plane nobody wanted…at taxpayer expense.  Let’s not forget the K Street lobbyists that are employed by those same contractors and unions.
    And finally, remember the liars in Congress (forgive the redundancy, please) whose pockets are lined regularly and liberally by those lobbyists in order to keep the corporate and union pigs at the taxpayer trough fed.

    All for a fighter plane that has not, and cannot, fight in a combat mission due to a still unresolved design flaw that has had a tendency to kill…but only its pilots.

    But here we are, with the sequester upon us with all its dire consequences (yeah, right) about to come crashing down, and what does the government do to try to convince us they are serious about saving money…really, really they are!

    “Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co., Fort Worth, Texas, is being awarded an indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract (FA8611-13-D-2850) with a ceiling of $6,900,000,000 for F-22 modernization…This award is a result of a sole source acquisition.”


    The liars: The sequester could cost 2.14 million jobs.  The reality:  The only jobs the sequester can cost are projected future hires, not people already employed.  As stated above, there are no cuts, only reductions in projected pre-planned increases.  These “projected” hires are, I suspect, as real as Obama’s “shovel ready projects” that required immediate funding, just as these jobs require immediate funding.

  • The liars:  The sequester would slash medical care for the elderly through cuts in Medicare.  The reality:  While the sequester would cut projected increases in Medicare by an estimated $9.0 billion according to the CBO (Congressional Budget Office), the figure pales in comparison to the money that could be saved by reducing waste and cracking down on Medicare fraud.By Attorney General Eric Holder’s own estimates, Medicare fraud may amount to $60 billion, or 12% of the entire Medicare budget.  As has been said over and over…our country’s money problems are a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

The list goes on…children will go hungry because school lunches will disappear, airline flights will be delayed and canceled because a large number of air traffic controllers will be furloughed, Nasa will have huge layoffs (so what?  We ceeded space to the Russians, Chinese, and every two – bit country with ambition when the shuttle program died without a replacement)…and all of this is garunteed to happen, according to the CBO:

CBO has predicted the sequester would help drag us back into recession. Moody’s is threatening to downgrade the U.S. debt rating. The Pentagon is warning of new dangers to our troops.  And today, the government did lift some of the veil of uncertainty surrounding sequestration, revealing what our country’s fall over the fiscal cliff will look like beginning in January, 2013.

That is what the CBO said in September of 2012.  It is now February, 2013…January is past.  Did you notice any of those predicted dire consequences happening last month?  No?  I did not think so…neither did I.

Its real simple folks.  All the bad things that sequestration is supposedly going to cause are a made up crisis…made up to get us to accept kicking the can down the road some more so the liars can spend some more.

Dammit you liars…WE ARE OUT OF ROAD!

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