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The tea party types need to learn … this ain’t no tea party.

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No matter what battle we engage in…national debt and the budget, abortion, health care, privacy rights, the 2nd Amendment…in EVERY battle, conservatives lose.

It is time…way past time, actually…that conservatives quit being losers. The alternative is finishing the slide to socialism, communism, and slavery.

Why we lose EVERY DAMN BATTLE is twofold and simple. Conservatives are independent minded, not joiners and we play by the rules and are polite when we fight. We rarely band together with others and when we do we fight using Marquis de Queensbery rules and expect the same of others. Our “fighting” looks like polite discussion at a coctail party…regardless how many times the opposition proves that they fight dirty every time.

The above quote is from the introduction to  my new book due out in May, “Rules for (Conservative) Radicals…Saul Alinsky’s Rules Revisited…ethics added”.



For decades, since about 1920, there has been an active progressive left in the United States that has operated under the rules of Saul Alinsky, and they have embraced Alinsky’s admonition that the end justifies the means, and that any action is justified if it gets what the group wants. Throughout the last 100 years the history of the United States is full of examples of Saul Alinsky’s rule being applied to American politics.

  • At the beginning of the labor movement, when unions were a racially segregated group of organizations, union violence against minorities to keep them out of unions was the norm, and was accepted because “the end justifies the means”.
  • Throughout the history of the labor movement, right up until today, union violence against nonunion workers is considered the norm because “the end justifies the means”.
  • During the unpopular Vietnam War, leftist protesters vilified, spat on, and generally made the welcome home uncomfortable for returning veterans because “the end justifies the means”.


From abortion-rights activists (by the way an abortion is not “a women’s choice” it is killing a baby) to the gay rights movement to opponents of the Iran and Afghanistan wars, like Cindy Sheehan, to radicals in the environmental movement the progressive left has used violence, intimidation, personal attacks, and every other tactic they consider effective to achieve their goals. As Saul Alinsky said, “the end justifies the means”, even if that means seeing blood in the streets.

On the other hand how do conservatives, from the party GOP leaders to Tea Party organizations, fight for their beliefs? In a word, they don’t. What little push back the left sees from the center-right of this country is little more than polite discussion at a cocktail party. Far from Saul Alinsky’s blood in the streets, conservatives aren’t even willing to make tears run down somebodies face because they got “offended”.

Well tough. There is no right to not be “offended”.

The sad fact is, we conservatives don’t fight it all, much less fight like our country, our beliefs, our way of life is at stake. In the last five years there have only been two efforts by conservatives that came even close to having the intensity of the social change campaigns of progressives.

One was the Glenn Beck event at the National Mall, and even that was more like quietly listening to a sermon in church than it was like being at a political event intended to regain our country. A crowd of over 350,000 people came quietly, listened politely, and left, leaving hardly a trace that they had been there on the National Mall, picking up their own trash as they left.

Compare that to Occupy Wall Street, a function of the progressive left. Zucotti Park (private property, not a city park) was trashed for weeks, the occupiers were uncivil, filthy overprivileged children (mental children, regardless of their age) whose criminal acts included rampant drug use, sexual assault to the point there had to be a “safe tent” where women could safely sleep at night, to overrunning establishments of small business people (NOT the 1%) to crapping on police cars. It was really nothing special… It was just one typical example of the progressive left’s method of operation.

The other demonstration that there are constitutional conservatives left in this country, and that they are willing to push back against the progressive left in a somewhat raucous but still polite manner were the town hall meetings all over this country leading up to the 2010 midterm elections. They got noisy, they got intense, they even got a little bit rude, but that is a good thing.

For once we saw the conservative right in this country abandon, at least a little bit, political correctness and demonstrated an unwillingness to accept the pablum dished out by elected officials in order to keep their jobs.

For once conservatives fought a little bit like Saul Alinsky, except we left out “the end justifies the means”. These battles were fought with ethics and morals intact.

This country needs more of that. This country needs a lot more of that.

The left talks a lot about how we need civil discourse in this country, about how we need to quit using invective and personal attacks and our political discussion. Listening to the progressive left you would think you were listening to Sgt. Joe Friday, “just the facts ma’am, just the facts”.

That’s what the left talks about. That’s what the left tells conservatives they should do. That is not what the left does. The left knows what’s effective and does it . The left knows what is ineffective and they tell conservatives to do that. And conservatives do it.

Conservatives must quit worrying about offending someone. Conservatives must quit being politically correct. Conservatives must start using tactics that work, tactics that the left uses so effectively, tactics laid out by Saul Alinsky, proven tactics to affect social change, tactics that work as proven by the success of the progressive movement over the last 90 some odd years. Conservatives need to adopt the tactics laid out in “Rules for Radicals”, with one critically important difference.

Saul Alinsky was a genius. His rules for radicals, his tactics for social change, are genius. They work amazingly well. Saul Alinsky was a genius, but he was an evil genius, evil because of one rule of his that applied to all the other rules. “The end justifies the means”.

Conservatives must learn to use Saul Alinsky’s “rules for radicals” but they must always remember that the end does not justify the means. Alinsky’s rules can be used in an ethical and moral way, that uphold principles rather than ignore them, that affect change in an ethical and moral way, and that result in victory over progressives rather than continuing to allow the progressive left to win every fight, as they do now.

There will be a second American Revolution. In fact, the second American Revolution has already started. If the center-right of this country will learn to fight fire with fire, the second American Revolution can and will be fought, and won, peacefully. If conservatives will learn to fight the second American Revolution will be bloodless,

And if the conservatives do not learn how to fight? The second American Revolution will give the progressive left exactly what it wants…

 Blood in the streets until one side or the other emergency victorious.



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