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…and other things too, like Big Sis’s purchase of large quantities of ammo…and tanks!

Today’s podcast will be about sequestration, DHS purchases of weapons of war, sheeple…and whatever else pops into Bob’s head.  In other words…anything is possible!

Topic timelines ( a full transcript follows):

00:30 Intro and MIA explanation
01:40  Purpose of the Tinfoil Hat Club
03:10  Blood in the streets
06:45  Today’s topics
07:12  Sequestration
09:05  Money addicts
11:00  Dept of Homeland Security buying weapons of war
12:30  TSA and sequestration
14:05  Florida school suspends student for disarming gunman on school bus
15:35  Sequestration and “Big Sis’s” flight delays
17:45  Wrap up…see you next week


Bad news folks… I’m back!

Well folks, after several months of not getting to listen to the dulcet tones of me doing the Tinfoil Hat Club you have me back. You still won’t get to look at my pretty face for a while… I’ve change facilities and haven’t gotten the video set up yet… but you will start being able to listen to my blowhard pontificating on American politics once again.

Now, other than the lack of video, nothing’s really changed. You’re still going to hear me highlighting government stupidity, whether it’s wasteful spending, legislation and rules that further erode our freedoms and our rights, or the many ways the United States is slowly but certainly becoming a police state. In my opinion it is really not much different than a police state now, and is currently being run by narcissistic, thin-skinned, messianic bastard not much different than Hugo Chavez in Venezuela or the Castro brothers in Cuba.

And yes… it is still my intention to piss you off. I want to piss you off so bad you will be constantly on your representative and senators collective asses. I want to piss you off so bad that if there is a town hall style meeting within 50 miles of you, you will show up. I want you to take to heart the late Robert Novak’s admonition to always “love your country but never, never trust your government”.

I think it’s even more important now than it used to be that I piss you off and here’s why:

People, I don’t think there’s going to be a second American Revolution… I think the second American Revolution’s already started. The only question is will be a revolution fought with words and votes, at town hall meetings, in letters to your senators and representatives, in personal “in your face” confrontations every time you encounter a government official…will it be fought atthe ballot box? Will it be fought in the media and in our discussions with each other?

For the most part that’s how it should be fought.

Now let me tell you something… before the second American Revolution is over, if “we the people” don’t get serious about fighting it that way, it will soon be a second American Revolution that has blood in the streets. The progressive left, with its liberal, communist agenda, with its agenda for the all controlling government that strips the rights from the people and gives all power to a central authority. The progressive left agitates for social change using Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and Alinsky’s overarching rule that applied to each and every other rule, was that the end justifies the means, ANY means, and that includes blood in the streets.

If this second American Revolution reaches that point, freedom loving Americans who believe in the Constitutional Republic that the founders of this nation gave us, will only have two choices.

We can be the good little sheeple that the federal government,,, that all of the federal government… Republicans and Democrats alike, representatives, senators, the president, and the regulatory bureaucracy… that all of the federal government wants us to be… we can be good little sheeple that knuckle under to an oppressive government, without an ounce of self-sufficiency or self-respect left, sucking at the tit of the nanny state.

Or, if the second American Revolution must get bloody, if the progressive left continues to erode our way of life, continues to take ethics and morals out of government, continues to force government interference into our businesses, our schools, our churches, and our homes, and is willing to use what ever means necessary to justify their ends, including blood in the streets, then people who love our constitutional republic had better be willing and ready to fight back in kind.

Our forefathers were willing to fight, they were willing to pledge “…our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor…” in resistance to oppressive King George. The first American Revolution started over a lousy damn tea tax for God’s sake! In this second American Revolution we would be fighting for our very way of life… to live as free people, not as slaves to the government.

There, that’s why Iwant to piss you off, so enough pressure can be brought on Washington that we fight the second American Revolution the first way, the bloodless way, not the bloody way of the progressive left.

So, let’s see what I’ve gotten up my sleeve today to piss you off. Today’s topics are gonna be that silly little thing they have going on called the sequestration, continued government efforts to turn us into a bunch of people who won’t fight back, who’ll knuckle under to an oppressive government, and a few thoughts on what the government will do if we do not turn into sheep for them.

On sequestration… the first thing we need to know is that when your representatives or your senators or the president or the secretary of defense or Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano or anyone else says that these draconian cuts are going to devastate parts of the federal government, you need to remember one thing: They are nothing short of bald-faced liars,

There are none, silch, zero, nada… there is not one single cut in spending under sequestration. Anyone who tells you differently is a liar.

What sequestration does do is decrease the amount of anticipated increase in budgets from one year to the next. Let’s keep it simple for the government types. This year let’s say the government spends $100. It anticipates spending $110 next year. These “draconian cuts” mean that next year the government can only spend $105, instead of the $110 it had and dissipated spending.

That cut in the anticipated increase is a “draconian cut” that everybody is whining and crying about. That’s what sequestration is all about. There are no cuts to spending, only to wishful thinking.

Mind you, these people, Republicans and Democrats alike, are whining about sequestration because sequestration means they won’t be able to spend as much money as they want to. Its that simple.

Government, all government, is an addict, and money is their drug of choice. The only way an addict can quit using drugs, the only way an alcoholic can quit drinking, the only way a government, addicted to spending money, can quit spending, is to quit.

That’s what sequestration is supposed to do… cut off a little bit of what the government can spend, cut the money addict off from his drug of choice, and what happens, just like EANY addict, they whine and they cry these great big old crocodile tears, that the detox is going to be unbearable, that they have to have just a little bit more and then I’ll quit

Bullshit. That’s another way to, just like a drug addict, the lying bastards… when they say that they will quit.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, in 2013 the government will steal more money from us, from “we the people”, than ever in history. But it’s not enough.

According to theCongressional Budget Office, in 2013 the wealthy will have more money stolen by the government than ever before. But it’s not enough.

It is never enough for government. They always want more, just like a drug addict.

Now, while all this cutting is being done to agencies, while the sequestration is causing “draconian cuts” to departments all across the US government, my favorite department, the Department of Homeland Security didn’t seem to be feeling the pinch.

The Department of Homeland Security recently purchased, through the Department of the Army, 1700 vehicles that can only be described as domestic tanks. In military jargon they’re called MRAP vehicles, or “mine resistant, ambush protected” vehicles. That the Department of Homeland Security is buying these domestic tanks people, 1700 of them… the Department of Homeland Security does not operate overseas… these domestic tanks are to be used domestically. Here in the United States.

This is the same Department of Homeland Security that recently purchased 2 billion… that is billion with a “b”… rounds of 40 caliber and 9 mm semi – jacketed hollowpoint ammunition, enough ammunition to put five bullets in the head of every man woman and child in the United States, and the United States, the only place the Department of Homeland Security operates, plus they now have 1700 vehicles designed exclusively for warfare…

Are you starting to feel just a little bit spooked?

Well, more talk about the Department of Homeland Security and sequester. Let’s also talk about the transportation security agency, the TSA, for just a minute. While sequestration is allegedly causing the Marine Corps to have to cut its force by over 30%, and cut its training in half, and while those “draconian cuts” are preventing deployment of the USS Harry Truman to the Persian Gulf because the Navy can’t afford the gas it up, to transportation security agency slipped in a cool $50 million authorization for uniforms just a week ago, just ahead of the sequestration, just before draconian cuts, $50 million for uniforms for the TSA.

That is $1000 per TSA employee. That is more per uniform than it costs to put those nice, attractive, and impressive dress uniforms on a member of the United States Marine Corps. All, by the way, $50 million of TSA uniforms are being bought with taxes being spent to have them made… in Mexico. With the money going to Mexican uniform manufacturers, not providing American jobs.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, our children are being trained to be good little sheep also, and do as they’re told and not take any personal responsibility for anything… to rely on the nanny state government for everything, including their own protection.

At Cypress high school down in Fort Myers, Florida, which happens to be an area that is known for a lot of gang activity once you get away from the tourist beaches…I oughtta know as I’ve got some property down there… in Lee County, a kid on a school bus pulled a 22 caliber handgun or another student, threatened killing a kid. Another 15-year-old who is also on the bus wrestled the gun away from the attacker and saved the life.

Government thinking… that good deeds simply cannot be allowed to go unpunished. Aafter all, the 15-year-old demonstrated self-sufficiency and good judgment, and did something without the help of the nanny state, which cannot be allowed. The school proved once again that no good deed shall go unpunished.

The kid was suspended for two days. The state told him be a good sheeple, little boy, and let the government do everything for you. A wonderful lesson our school systems are teaching, isn’t it?

Time to wrap it up there for the day, folks, with one exception. Let’s go back to sequestration for just a moment.

Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano predicted dire consequences for air travel because sequestration… because of massive furloughs of the FAA and TSA… security lines of the airports were going to be tremendously long and there would be massive flight delays, because we wouldn’t have enough air traffic controllers… extremely long flight delays were going to be the norm.

That’s what big Sis told us. Well… I can’t tell you how long security lines arc as I hadn’t been to an airport last couple of days. What I can tell you… looking at it on my computer monitor… here is that if you’ll go to, and, there will be a link to it at the bottom of this post, you can find out for yourself if this gonna be in… if there’s the ways any of these massive delays because of… that site… there’s a map that shows 40 major airports United States that the FAA considers critical airports. Not a single one is any… experiencing any delays whatsoever.

The website shows this map, with the 40 critical airports pinpointed,and each pinpoint can be one of several colors depending on the color of the pinpoint… green, yellow, orange, red, and black. You can see how well the system is flowing. Green indicates general aviation arrival and departure delays or 15 minutes or less, black denotes a closed airport, and the other color show various stages of delays in between.

Well folks… I got to tell you… sequester is having a major impact on flying in this country just like Big Sis Napolitano said… all 40 critical airports are green. Hell, people… there’s not even a weather delay!

Well people…I guess that’s it for today, except to remind you…any time you see any elected official…and government employee… no matter what the discussion is about… no matter if it’s an official discussion or just passing the time of day… before you walk away from the elected official or government employee, you look them right square in the eye and remind them “We don’t work for you… you work for us!”

So until I see you all next week, you have a good day, a good week, and a good weekend… and remember: Y’all come back now, ya hear?


FAA airport delay map

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