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The government ALREADY confiscates legally owned…AND REGISTERED…guns:

Several weeks ago I told you folks that the ONLY reason the government wants to register guns is NOT to help keep them out of the hands of criminals and the mentally unstable.  It is to let the government know where to find them when it decides to confiscate legally owned guns.

We don’t have to wait for more laws…more UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws…to prove this to be a hard, cold fact.

Podcast timeline:

01:10:  I told you so

01:45:  Reminder regarding danger of gun registration

03:10:  Legally owned guns confiscated in California within the last month.

06:30:  Legally owned guns confiscated in New Jersey within the last month.

11:35:  Citizen told to leave a public meeting in a public building.

12:20:  Bail used as punishment for having a legal gun.

12:45:  1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments to the Constitution violated all at once.

13:38:  White men are more dangerous than international terrorists.

14:30:  New Black Panther Party is a bunch of angry black men.

15:05: Wake up and frog legs.

15:40:  Traits of a terrorist (According to Homeland Securuty).

17:20:  The Dictator Wannabe’s taster.

19:40:  Who works for who.

19:45:  Show closing.


Full Transcript

Hello every body, and welcome to another episode of The Tinfoil Hat Club… The only show on the Internet whose sole purpose is to piss you off at local government… to piss you off at state government to piss you off at the federal government… to piss you off that all of what you would get off your butts and take action.

Stick around folks, because here we go!

Hello every body… how y’all doing today?   Welcome to another episode of the Tinfoil Hat Club, where we try to make you mad enough to actually do something.

You know… I take no pleasure in the fact that this is an “I told you” so podcast.  Well… that’s a lie.  I actually do like that it was an told you so podcast reason.  The reason I like that this is an I told you so podcast is because maybe, just maybe, this will be the one that makes you believe that you need to start paying attention town know (unintelligible) today I want remind y’all that it hasn’t been that long ago…a whole month or so, that in another post on Common Sense Conversation. I pointed out the dangers of what’s probably going to happen with all of our new gun laws. I pointed out that they’re gonna be trying to take them away… that one of the biggest reasons for this gun control push is not to make America safer.

It’s not to stop incidents like Sandy hook.  It’s not to stop incidents, like Aurora, Colorado… it is to take as many guns as possible away from the public and the ones they can’t take away… They want them registered, right down to the little bittyest 22 Derringer, because once they have a gun registered… once they know who owns what… What they can’t take away. Now… they can confiscate later and they do want to confiscate the guns.

Tthey would prefer to be sooner, but they’ll settle for later, and if they have a list of who owns guns later gets really, really easy.  You folks think that can’t happen let tell you about a couple things that happened last week or so…

Article on March 12 from the Blaze.  Yes, that’s Glenn Beck site but you can go check things out yourself.  It’s atother places on the Internet… on March 12 Glenn Beck reported that the previous week, the California Senate had approved 20 more you million dollars that was to expedite the process of collecting guns from owners in the state who had legally acquired them, but have since become disqualified due to felony convictions or mental illness.

Now pay attention that mental illness thing… you’d be amazed at what qualifies as mental illness now.

Recently there had been a woman in California in Orange County California who had voluntarily gone to a mental health center and had spent two days there.  I don’t know what it was about. I don’t know if she was depressed because of postpartum depression. I don’t know she was upset because her husband didn’t wash the dishes right… but she had voluntarily gone to a mental health center, checked herself in for two days, and then checked out.

Nine armed officers from the state of California, bulletproof vests and guns drawn, showed up at her house.  Nine.  They showed up to confiscate her guns because she was mentally ill because she had voluntarily checked herself in for two days to a mental health facility.  Not only do they take her gun that she’d legally owned and had registered according to the laws of California. They took her husband’s guns away that he owned that were registered to him because they couldn’t be in the same house with this woman, whose guns were confiscated, though she had no due process, though no judge had said to take them away… simply because she had voluntarily checked herself into a mental health institution.

When they register your guns… They know where to come get them.  That’s why registration is dangerous when the government decides to take your guns away. They know where to come get them, just like Hitler did, just like the Castro brothers down in Cuba did, just like Stalin did, Tyrannical dictators, oppressive leaders, know that they cannot beat an armed citizenry, and they must take the guns away, and to take the guns away they must register them so they know where to come get them.

Now if you think that was an isolated incident let’s jump forward in New Jersey… in Franklin Township, New Jersey, a woman was arrested after she allegedly made threats about bringing a gun to a Gloucester County building where she was attending a public meeting on tax reevaluation…the police went to her house after the meeting and confiscated her to legally owned and registered guns.  This was a law-abiding citizen who went to a meeting to protest the fact that her home had been reevaluated for tax purposes.  Contrary to law, they’re reevaluating homes in New Jersey reassessing the value for tax purposes by sending employees of private companies, a private assessment company, around to knock on the door and come looking your house.  See if you have a little bit fancier light fixtures then average… see if you have higher dollar flooring than is normal.  They can’t go by the outside of the house, like most places in this whole damn country.  Do they want to come in and look at every day. to see if door handles are glass, they’ll probably have them tested to see if they’re pure crystal.  The methodology sucks to start with. You have to let a government employee into your house with out a warrant with no accusation you’ve done wrong, with no due process, no judge saying they can come in.  I believe that’s of violation of your fourth amendment rights against search.

You have to let a government agent or their designee, who works for a private company, come in and check out your house. Well, this lady wouldn’t let them in.  She was home alone.  She had her children and she is Jewish and the Jewish faith will not allow a woman to allow a another man into her house if her husband is not present, so she told them no. This private company… This private assessment firm that wanted to force their way into her house by intimidation in tension will he assessed her house at a much higher value than it should have just because she would not let them in, and there is evidence to back that up… every body who doesn’t let the man gets assessed at a higher rate.

So this lady went to a public meeting to protest the methodology that they were using for their assessing …she was told to sit down and shut up by the counties assessing officer… she decided it was time to protest… you know that First Amendment right for redress… to make your complaints known to public officials, so she started reciting parts of the Constitution.  You know the part about unreasonable search and seizure that you shouldn’t have to let somebody in her house.  The part about freedom of religion where she didn’t have to let a strange man into her house when her husband wasn’t present, because her religion forbade it.  She didn’t threaten anybody.  The only people to claim she did was the assessing company… to her credit, the lady who is the assessor, the tax assessor for the county, said she didn’t hear any threat and she was standing right there.

Now there were two employees of the tax assessment company that were there and the male of the two got very intense.  Matter fact the lady who was doing the protesting felt intimidated.  She felt that if he had had a gun at that moment he would have used it… she was scared of him.  No other witnesses except for that son of a bitch said anything about her threatening.  The tax assessment companies are lying bastards.   Well wait… it was a tax assessing…… lying bastards…… It kind of goes together… well the tax assessment company called the cops.  The lady had left.  She was escorted out of a public meeting where you have a right for to redress your grievances with the government.  She was told to get out and being a peaceful person, she did.  She left… the cops showed up at her house.

She was arrested for disorderly conduct… arrested for making threats… and her guns were confiscated.  Remember… the government knew where they were because you have to register your guns in New Jersey and when you register your guns the government knows where to come get them.

They were taken for “safekeeping” until the dispute was resolved,  The judge said she didn’t have to turn them over.  But if she didn’t the bail would be set so high that her family could not afford to bail her out of jail.  Since when is bail intended for intimidation… since when is bail intended for punishment?  She had not been convicted of a damn thing so her first and amendment religious rights were violated because she’s not supposed to let a man in her house when her husband is not there, according to her Jewish faith.

Her fourth amendment rights were violated because they wanted to come in without a warrant to inspect her house under the cover of government authority, and now her second amendment rights have been abrogated because some jackass in New Jersey does not understand the term. “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.

That’s why you don’t register your guns, people… because the bastard government will come and take them away when they feel like it.  That’s why you don’t let them know that you have guns.

By the way, sort of on same topic.  Did you know there’s a story in the LA Times that angry white men are more dangerous than international terrorists?  Here’s a quote from it.. .

There are in increasingly frightening numbers cells of angry men in the United States preparing for combat with the US government… are usually heavily armed, blinded by an intractable hatred often motivated by religious zea…(l got some hatred… I get some hatred for people who stomp all over the Constitution… shred it)…. They are not jihadists.  They’re white right wing Americans.  Nearly all with an obsessive obsessive attachment to guns who may represent a greater danger to the lives of American civilians and international terrorists.  How about if you say that there’s something wrong with the new Black Panther party because they’re black. Your racist if you do that, but they can say the people who want to defend the Constitution. They’re mostly white.

By the way they had a picture with the article is a picture of some peace people peacefully demonstrating against New York’s new gun laws only of some signs and said they wanted to keep their Second Amendment rights.

People, you better wake up… you really, really better wake up …slowly but surely… kinda like cooking frog legs taking fresh frog legs and fry ’em, throw ’em in a hot frying pan.  They’ll jump right out… you fry frog legs that put them in a cool pan and slowly heating it up.  They don’t even notice.  That’s what’s being done to us slowly but surely there take our rights away.  I read a blog called Godfather Politics, and they had an inch thing little article today have a list of well… homeland security, or actually FBI published some pamphlets to distribute people on how to spot a terrorist and is the list is interesting.  Gas station attendants, but they’re told to look out for terror of people who put gas in cans.  I guess they suppose that everybody has a damn electric lawnmower or they don’t carry around gas, just in case they run out, you know, that they’re not good Boy Scouts, are not gonna be prepared.

Dive boat shops… shops rent divers and I guess other boats too… they’re told look out for customers.  When a most rented for an extended amount of time.  So if your company gives you 30 days off every year instead of two weeks, you better watch out if you want to rent a boat for an extended vacation.  They look out for customers who depend deposit multiple checks… of you happen to be a blogger or somebody who has multiple streams of income and gets multiple checks, you might be a terrorist.  Of course hobby shops are told… Watch out for people who have an unusual interest in radio controlled airplanes, remote controlled airplanes, because then you know… if you’re a hobbyis…t a really intense hobbyist… I guess nobody with the FBI ever had a hobby that they were passionate about, because if you’re passionate about your hobby of remote-controlled airplanes, you might be a terrorist.

I know your users hold them list is too long, but it’s a doubly select the bottom of this post, the really interesting.

Last but not least folks I’ve told you before that I think that our president is a narcissistic, arrogant, conceited bastard who wants to rule the United States and he proved the other day. Went to a meeting with some Republicans.  Republicans were favored dinner by the way that sheep.  Some would reach his pocket for anything at the dinner, and there will be a link to the article on this as well.  From the Daily Caller at the dinner.  It was a really, really good dinner. They had… let’s see… what all what they have for dinner… wild blueberry pie full of antioxidants.  Ice cream on the pie…

Susan Collins, Sen. from Maine…. She said the president looked longingly at the pie and looked longingly at the ice cream and said he really would like to have some, but he couldn’t because his official taster was not along on the trip.

You remember, back in the olden days when the king’s… people who had people that didn’t like them… They always had tasters that ate a few bites of their food first, that if they didn’t fall over from being poisoned. Liar King Obama has his own taster and, paid for by your taxpayer dollars.

I hope I’ve pissed y’all off.   I sure intended to… I hope I pissed you off enough to  pick up your phone, call your Senators, try representatives, hope a pissed off enough to stay on your local, County, municipality, parish, township, governments… to start paying attention to your rights and to the Constitution.  I hope I’ve really pissed you off this week… and I’m gonna wrap it up right now and just remember, every time you see a government official, every time you come face-to-face with somebody who draws a government paycheck… you get ahold of their hand real tight…shake hands … you hold their hand real tight where they can’t get away until you’re done… you look them right straight in the eye… you tell him, “Don’t you ever forget… we don’t work for you, you work for us!”

So… y’all have a good day… you have a good week and a good weekend… and I’ll see you next week.  And don’t forget, don’t ever forget, y’all come back now ya hear?

Source Article Links

The Blaze on California gun confiscation.

The Blaze on New Jersey gun confiscation (with interview video of the VICTIM).

Daily Caller article

Article that’s better than the LA Times on FBI “who’s a terrorist” phamplet.

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