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In case you haven’t heard, there was a revolution in the United States almost 250 years ago.  I know…you folks probably knew that, but then you folks probably aren’t members of congress or the government’s executive branch.

The Imperial Presidency

The Imperial Presidency is not new OR limited to one party

Year after year, administration after administration, Republicans and Democrats alike, seem to have skipped that part of American History class when they were in school.

It’s time to remind those bastards just who they work for…and to remind them that an American Revolution was not necessarily a one-time-thing.

There can be a repeat performance, and if things don’t change real soon it will be time for “The American Revolution…the Sequel”.

In 1776 there were several identifiable causes of the first American Revolution, but they all came down to one thing; An overbearing ruling class  having rights ruling tyrannically over the rest of the people, the masses, the peons, who had to live under different rules.

Now the United States has a ruling class once again, and it is called government.  Our new ruling class is made up of congress, the president (regardless of which one or which party), and the bureaucracy.
Rabble – rousers have screamed for years for term limits.  For those same long years I have maintained that term limits are not needed, indeed are counterproductive, because the voters can term limit unproductive elected officials by voting them out of office and term limits would force out the few good elected officials who did get elected.

I have now joined the rabble – rousers.  Kick them all out every election.  Each senator, each representative, and every president should be limited to one term, the term to be the same length as terms are now.  An argument can be made that the only reason the framers of the Constitution did not include term limits in the first place is that nobody in the 1770’s could have imagined what has become a professional political class who looks at being a member of congress as a profession, not a short period of service to the country, after which they would return to the farms and shops and offices from which they had come.

Well, if they won’t willingly go home to those shops and farms we should legislate that they have to.

The federal government…all of it; congress, the president, and the bureaucracy…have absolutely no respect for the people who are outside the beltway.  They see themselve3s as a ruling class who we serfs are supposed to support and serve.  We have failed to remind them. as often as possible, of something they need to hear daily:

“We don’t work for you.  You work for us.


What continuity?

Opponents of term limits, myself included in the past, always bleat about how hard it is to learn how to govern, how complicated the job is, usually saying something like, “It takes most of a congressman’s first term just to learn where the bathrooms are.  The people need to return elected officials who know how things work, not who are new and don’t have a clue.  In order to keep government functioning we need continuity.”

Really?  Continuity?  Look around at the dysfunctional mess our government has become.  Look at elected officials so partisan they put party ahead of citizens.  Look at legislators who give lip service to liberty while actually doing nothing in the face of the NSA’s unconstitutional spying on American citizens in the United States.  Look at legislators who talk about oversight of  the IRS in light of it’s being used as a political weapon yet actually do nothing.

Is this the continuity people in office think we should strive for by re-electing them?  Really?  We should want even more of this?

No.  We should send them all home, throw them all out and start fresh, EVERY…SINGLE…ELECTION.

The United States as a free society, governed by citizen.legislators, is almost dead.  Our freedoms are an illusion, created by a government that allows the illusion in order to keep the people…the sheeple…placidly quiet.

It is time to ignore the illusion.  It is time for “The American Revolution…the Sequel”

This is not a call for the violent overthrow of the government…unless a more peaceful style of revolution fails to work.

Until we get smart and insist on term limits we can still effect our government other than every two years at the ballot box.

For all their bluster and bravado, members of congress are really weak, sniveling cowards for the most part.  They fear losing their gravy train job.  It is not just a cute saying that every member of congress considers their primaary job to be getting re – elected.  Their biggest fear is losing the next election.  Pressure does work.  Phone calls do work.  Direct confrontation does work.

There is NO ruling class, despite what our congress and president think.  Remind them of that…often!

Every contact you have with an elected official should end with you reminding them:  We don’t work for you.  You work for us!

The “free country” being sheeple gives us:



Semi-retired North Georgia writer, blogger, boiled peanut salesman, fisherman, politician – baiter…and the best damn cook you know who doesn’t make a living at it.

Which do I enjoy the most? It’s a toss up between fishin’ and baiting politicians.


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