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Its not just Obama, folks…and its not just Democrats/progressives/communists either. Its ALL of them, including the Republicans. They consider themselves a ruling class, with the rest of us their serfs.  Recent votes by Sen Johnny Isakson, allegedly a Republican, from Georgia, highlight just how much Republicans ignore the taxpayers, the voters, in favor of special interest corporate groups.

Note:  This is NOT intended to be a post about just Isakson, but about most Republicaans in the Senate, and a large number of them in the House.  I pick Isakson simply because he is one of my senators, and one I am familiar with.  If you have a Republican senator who claims to be a conservative Republican like Johnny does, check his or her voting record.  Chances are good you will find them to be liars, just like Johnny Isakson.

This is a post about traitors/Republicans in general, not just Sen Isakson in particular.Traitors

Let’s take a look at the farm bill that was passed earlier this week. To start with, to characterize the bill as a “farm” bill is a gross misuse of the term “farm”. To be accurate. The bill should be called either “The Food Stamp Bill” or “The Crony Capitalists ‘Agricultural Corporations Bill” since way over 90% of the bill addresses only those two things. 80% of the bill is directed to food stamps alone, a program that has quadrupled since 2000.

Corporations like Monsanto, Dean Foods, Purdue, and others… Large corporations that can hardly be called farms, that are instead running food production factories… Corporations that are already extremely profitable, get most of the remaining 20% of the farm bill’s money in the form of subsidies and other corporate welfare.

The farm bill also includes new taxes, although our lit dishonest members of Congress avoid that word “taxes” by calling them fees. One very small example (small, when looked at individually, but huge when totaled up” is a $.25 “fee” on every Christmas tree sold in the country. Despite the fact that it’s only $.25 per tree, this is an example of two problems we have with Congress in general and Johnny Isakson, in particular, since he voted for this bill.

First, regardless of what they collect, it is money collected by the government at the point of a gun. It is a tax. Once again, Congress shows that it is addicted to the money that is in your wallet and will find any way they can to steal it from you.

Second, it demonstrates that Congress, even in something like a Christmas tree tax, are bald-faced liars, refusing to call attacks what it is, instead, hiding it with the word “fee”.

Farm bill problems extend WAY past crony corporate welfare and Christmas trees.

US taxpayers subsidized cotton producers in this country to the tune of $825 million in each of the last two years…and gives rich, already profitable cotton growers in Brazil over $150 million a year to compensate them for the “unfair advantage” the subsidies to US growers gives them over the Brazilian growers.

 In 2004 and again in 2005, the Brazilian government challenged U.S. cotton subsidies at the WTO as violations of the SCM Agreement and the Agriculture Agreement. The WTO’s 2005 decision authorized Brazil to retaliate against U.S. goods and services, but Brazil opted instead to allow the United States time to reform its cotton program in line with international trade rules. The U.S. government never did reform the subsidy programs, so Brazil returned to the WTO in 2009 and won permission to impose almost $300 million in retaliatory trade sanctions against U.S. exports. The WTO also opened the door for other retaliatory measures against American patent and other intellectual property rights—a novel approach to addressing noncompliance. Although the U.S. government has not complied with the WTO ruling, Brazil never retaliated because, instead of reforming the program, the United States agreed to provide approximately $140 million in new subsidies to Brazilian cotton farmers. Despite this sordid arrangement, Congress has flatly refused to reform the United States’  WTO-illegal cotton subsidy programs, even in the context of a new Farm Bill. Indeed, Brazil has warned the WTO that it is prepared to retaliate against U.S. exports or by not enforcing U.S. intellectual property rights if the proposed 2012 Farm Bill takes effect.

Yet the senate voted for this phoney farm bill.  Senators who call themselves conservative Republicans voted for this phoney farm bill.  My RINO Republican senator, Sen. Johnny Isakson, voted for this phoney farm bill.

If you have a Republican senator he is probably a RINO Republican and HE probably voted for this phoney farm bill too.

So, don’t think Obama is the problem, and don’t think there is anyone in Washington who has your best interests, or the best interests of this country at heart.  There is only one way to preserve this grand expiriment, our Democratic Republic.

It Is Time.  Civil.disobedience.


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Which do I enjoy the most? It’s a toss up between fishin’ and baiting politicians.


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