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If you are pro-abortion, know what you promote.
This abortion is obviously tiny, obviously defenseless, and obviously HUMAN.
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Besides the moral issue…abortion is the murder of babies…it is also an INTENTIONAL eugenics issue. The biggest abortion factory in the US, Planned un-Parenthood, was started in 1916 by Margaret Sanger, her sister, and a friend, with the express stated purpose being to breed Negroes out of American society.

As an offshoot its purpose was to also breed out the “less desireables”…the poor (being poor was, at that time, considered to be a result of poor genetics), the mentally infirm, etc, EXACTLY like Hitler did, except Planned Parenthood did its murdering in the womb.

Planned Parenthood was AND IS a racist organization that destroys black people. Blacks make up 13.6% of the US population (2010 US Census figures) but, according to the CDC (one year earlier, in 2009) says black women make up 35.4% of all abortions in this country.

Additionally, while Hispanics make up only 16.3% of the US population, they account for 25.3% of all abortions in the US in 2008 (according to the Guttmacher Institute).

Finally, while non-Hispanic whites make up 63.7% of the population they account for only 37.7% of abortions (CDC figure).

Does this mean whites are morally superior to blacks and Hispanics? Not at all. It means abortion providers, especially the largest abortion factory in the US, Planned Parenthood, TARGETS minorities, both in its promotional materials AND in where it locates its “clinics” (gross misuse of the word), which are almost exclusively located in poor and minority communities.

There is no difference in results between Planned Parenthood’s genocide against non-whites and Hitler’s genocide against Jews. The only difference is methodology.

From an admittedly non-objective site,

Whatever the intent of the abortion industry may be, by functional standards, abortion is a racist institution. In the United States, black children are aborted at nearly four times the rate as white children and Hispanic children don’t fare much better.

The only thing wrong with the quote lies in the first 9 words.  The intent is to murder minority, and other “undesireable, babies…just as it has been since the days of Margaret Sanger.

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