Aug 102014

OK folks…this is a bit long…58 minutes in total…but its worth it. It is a collection of YouTube snippets of South Carolina US Representative Trey Gowdy.

It is WELL worth your time to watch. You will learn what a real

conservative stands for, and what he sounds like despite what the Republican leadership TRIES to tell him to do.


Trey Gowdy believes in the Constitution. He believes in the Bill of Rights. He believes he was elected to represent his CONSTITUTIENTS, not special interests and lobbyists. He is everything an elected official should be.

He is a representative in South Carolina and I live oin Georgia, so I cannot vote for him. What I CAN do is pressure my own representative, Doug Collins, to support Gowdy in whatever he does. I can press my representative to support Gowdy’s bills, I can press my representative to stand with Gowdy on issues, and after the fall elections I can press my representative to support Gowdy for Speaker of the House so we can replace the piece of garbage that holds that position now.

Watch the video. Watch it all at once, or watch it in bits and pieces spread over a couple of days if you need to…but watch it, and see what a representative SHOULD be…then call YOUR congressman and let them know that you expect similar actions or they will lose your vote.

NOTE:  This fall’s elections are off year elections without a presidential race.  Typically that means low voter turnout.  Folks, I really believe we are on the verge of losing our Constitutional Republic and that there is only one chance of avoiding another American Revolution to reclaim our Constitutionally limited federal government and our God given inalienable rights, and that the election this fall is that one chance.  I think that if we don’t gain a majority of Congress that either believes in the Constitution or is so afraid of their constituients firing them that they at least pretend to believe in the Constitution when they cast votes we will be left with one of two things:

  • A permanent socialist/progressive/communist government, or…
  • Blood in the streets.  Blood in the streets because Americans will realize the only way to get our Constitutional Republic back is to take it back…to TAKE IT BACK by a violent revolt, by a second American Revolution.  The Declaration of Independance, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights tell us that not only is that our right…it is our DUTY when all else has failed.

Semi-retired North Georgia writer, blogger, boiled peanut salesman, fisherman, politician – baiter…and the best damn cook you know who doesn’t make a living at it.

Which do I enjoy the most? It’s a toss up between fishin’ and baiting politicians.


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