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Assistant National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes claims the Syrian refugees being allowed into this country…the first load came into New Orleans Friday…have been thouroughly vetted and that they are NOT terrorists.

Ben Rhodes AND his boss, Barack Obama, are liars, pure and simple.

To vett people you must have informatoion about them…their background, their criminal history, who they associate with, and that is simply not possible with people from Syria. Syria’s president, Bashir Al-Assad, would not give Americans that information even if he had it, and he doesn’t. Syria is a backward, tribal country, still existing

in the 1300-1800’s, at best, except for in its 2-3 larger cities. There are no records, there are no databases of its citizens, and there is nothing to indicate if they would be terrorists or not. There is no possible way to vett people who are Syrian “refugees”. The administration lies when it says they are being well vetted…they are not being vetted AT ALL.

Check for yourself to see if you think they are poor refugees. Watch the video of the problems EU countries are having with them. Even with the slant the media is putting on the news in support of the president’s and the UN’s agenda, just look and see if you see “refugees”.

Do you see lots of families, lots of women and children? Or do you see what is REALLY coming out of Syria…Lots and lots (90% of the alleged “refugees”) of healthy young men, in the 16-30 year old age range, in the exact age range for terrorists?

Europe has opened its doors to these refugees, and see what it has brought them. This is the second major attack on France alone this year, the first being the Charlie Hebdo attack in January, 2015.

And now this is coming here. Welcomed by our president. Assisted by our president.

Our president, the traitor, intent on the destruction of America and all western beliefs and values.

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