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I’m voting for Trump and think a Hillary Clinton presidency would destroy this country, period. Let’s get that straight from the get-go.
With that said, the hyperbole and outright lies for the last 18 hours by Trump, and his surrogates, is sickening. Specifically I’m talking about the frenzied descriptions used to renew in peoples’ minds about Hillary’s destruction of subpoenaed (sp) evidence, i.e. emails.

Ever since James Comey’s July press conference when the FBI director first convicted Hillary, then let her off the hook, its been said that Hillary did, or had done, use acid or bleach on her devices to get rid of the incriminating emails. Trump even said during a debate that Hillary had “acid washed” and used bleach on her server. Acid and bleach have come up a lot in the last two months.
But my God…in the last 18 hours it has become a frenzy…a frenzy of lying by Trump sycophants!  Last night I heard Rudy Guliani tell Sean Hannity that Hillary had used bleach and acid on her server, and Hannity…ever one to pile on…added “and a hammer”.  Actually, Hannity’s reference to a hammer was the only truthful part of the exchange.
Newt Gingrich followed Guliani on Hannity and said the bleaching software was a “very expensive and sophisticated software” that was hard to use.
Guliani and Gingrich are both liars.  Guliani I at least understand…he’s a lawyer and it goes with the profession (sorry Andy…you’re an exception, not the rule), but Gingrich flat out lied without having his profession as an excuse.
Let’s look at the “bleaching” of her server.  First, there is no bleach involved, period.  The Clinton people used a program called BleachBit allegedly to get rid of incriminating emails.  BleachBit is an easy to use free…FREE, Newt…piece of software that is used by many people to keep their computers “cleaned up” so unnecessary files, bloatware, adware, and yes…unwanted emails…don’t junk up their computers and make them run slow.  (Read about…and get for FREE…BleachBit here).
I don’t use BleachBit, but I use, and recommend to my family and friends, a similar free program called CCleaner (See…and get…HERE) that does the same things as BleachBit.  They are equally effective, equally sophisticated…very, in effectiveness, super simple to use, both of them…and both are common, ordinary programs used by millions of people to keep their computers cleaned up and running fast.
That is the supposed “bleaching” of Hillary’s server.  Just a simple, free, easy to use program used by millions of people that happens to have the word “bleach” in it’s name.  That’s all.
As for the “acid washing” of Hillary’s computer, a pretty thorough search of the Internet turns up nothing about anything different than the “bleaching” allegations.  It is just an extension of the bleaching allegation, conflating “acid” with “bleach” so it can be made to sound like a seperate thing when it isn’t.  “Acid washing”…”Bleaching”…Both are just referring to the same thing, the use of the common, free application BleachBit.
With all of that said, I’m still voting Trump.  Beyond my main reason…the hope he’ll give us better (read: Constitutional) judicial appointments, I just personally believe Hillary Clinton is the personification of evil while Donald Trump is simply a blowhard snake oil salesman.

Semi-retired North Georgia writer, blogger, boiled peanut salesman, fisherman, politician – baiter…and the best damn cook you know who doesn’t make a living at it.

Which do I enjoy the most? It’s a toss up between fishin’ and baiting politicians.


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