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Interesting thoughts on the Judge Roy Moore deal in Alabama:
He ALLEGEDLY signed one accuser’s yearbook “Roy Moore-D.A”. and ALLEGEDLY told the girl “You are a kid and I’m the District Attorney. Nobody will believe you.”
The problem with this? Roy Moore was not at that time, or at any other time, the District Attorney of Etowah County, Alabama. As a matter of fact, Roy Moore has NEVER been the District Attorney of ANY county.

The same accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, claims she tried to get out of the car, but Moore reached across her and locked the door so she couldn’t open it. Car door locks don’t work that way. Locking a car door only prevents it being opened from the outside. For safety reasons all car doors will open with the handle from the inside, and that was true of cars in the 1970’s as well as now. The only exception is the kiddie latch/switch a parent can flip on the door facing on back doors so their small children cannot open the doors while rolling down the road.
We have all heard of the accusers that the Washington Post based their story on (accusers that WaPo went and found, not that came to WaPo to tell their story).
What we haven’t heard about are the 3-4 other women that WaPo went to and offered money to if they would make similar accusations about. Those women refused.
If you can find an actual image of the yearbook allegedly signed by Moore, referenced above…an image, not some text telling you what it says…look at it closely. Even a layman, not a handwriting expert, can EASILY tell it was written by two different people, not one person, allegedly Moore, signing it.
All of this…on top of the timing of these allegations coming out, 4 weeks before the election…All of this coming out now, when Roy Moore has been in election after election, CONTROVERSIAL election after election, for many years.
The media hates him. Democrats hate him. It seems the Republican half of The Swamp hates him as well.

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