Dec 302014
Point: Why gold is worthless as a hedge

Like most of the civilized world (it seems anyway) I am on Facebook, and a recent post (and comments in response) about how bad (or good, depending on perspective) Barack Obama is as president morphed into a private discussion between a commenter and me about hoarding gold, or being a “Gold Bug”.  It is my

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Dec 192014
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Communist or coward?  Where does your congressman stand?

Folks, there are 435 representatives in the House and 100 senators in the Senate.  Of these 535 people, with the exception of perhaps 25 people total in both chambers, Congress is made up of two kinds of people. In both the House and the Senate, in both the Republican and the Democratic parties, there are

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Nov 272014

I’m not sure what good can really come of all this madness in Ferguson. Maybe if people were willing to take a step back, examine the situation, look at the facts, and humble themselves to the point where they can admit they had it wrong, maybe then there would be some hope here. But, sadly,

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Aug 102014

OK folks…this is a bit long…58 minutes in total…but its worth it. It is a collection of YouTube snippets of South Carolina US Representative Trey Gowdy. It is WELL worth your time to watch. You will learn what a real

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