Feb 172017
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Two cures for Trump Derangement Syndrome:  Truth or rabies shots

Here’s a thought, Trump Haters: You hate Trump for just a few possible reasons. First, you get your information exclusively from media instead of doing your own research. For example, your opinion on yesterday’s press conference will be formed by the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, CNN, et al. If you really cared about the truth about what he said you would read the transcript and make up your own mind. It is easily available. HERE for example. (I suggest skipping the analysis. Think and analyze it for yourself.)

Second, you hate Trump because you just wake up every morning determined to hate Trump regardless of what the truth is. Screw you.

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Oct 292016
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I’m voting for Trump and think a Hillary Clinton presidency would destroy this country, period. Let’s get that straight from the get-go.

With that said, the hyperbole and outright lies for the last 18 hours by Trump, and his surrogates, is sickening. Specifically I’m talking about the frenzied descriptions used to renew in peoples’ minds about Hillary’s destruction of subpoenaed (sp) evidence, i.e. emails.

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Feb 172016
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But...but...but...Ted Cruz hasn't DONE anything!

In this day of sound bite reporting…IF you can call it reporting…candidates bona fides get glossed over to make room for the next 30 second news tidbit.  With the battle seemingly shaping up to be between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump I thought It would be informative to lay out just what Cruz’s accomplishments and

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