Mar 052014
The Kochs are straw men, and Harry Reid is a liar

The Democrat/progressive/communist left likes to demonize conservatives rather than have a serious discussion about issues and policies in the Untied States.  They do this because they know they are devoid of facts that support their positions and ad hominum attacks and bald faced lies are their only weapon in the argument between them and the

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Feb 282014
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Barack Obama...war criminal.  Period.

A debate in going on in Washington…a “debate” over whether the president has the authority to commit cold-blooded murder. A “debate” over whether the president is allowed to murder a huiman being, a citizen of the United States, simply because the president “believes” the citizen to be a terrorist, a person who MIGHT sometime in

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Feb 222014
Say the Pledge of Allegiance?  Not no but HELL NO!

Most of my friends would say the Pledge of Allegiance. I’m sad to say that, for the moment, I won’t. Why? Well, because I will not pledge allegiance to a country that: 1. Sanctions the murder of unborn children. 2. Says it is OK to unconstitutionally spy on

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Feb 172014
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John McCain...anti-christian and unfit to serve

Sen John McCain is determined on arming opposition forces in Syria– in spite of strong proof that they’re run by Islamic terrorists. He displayed behaviour unbecoming of a United States Senator during a recent conference with Syrian Christian leaders exploring Capitol Hill. The delegation of Syrian clergy went to Washington to raise awareness among legislators

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Feb 112014
Our government criminally DRIVES Mexicans to cross our border

What would you do if you lived somewhere that every day you might wake up to find a friend or neighbor kidnapped or murdered by a gang?  What would you do if the authorities were complicit in that gang’s activities, if not condoning them then at a minimum turning a blind eye? What would you

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