Jan 232012
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So…talking about copyright laws is boring…it makes you sleepy, but STAY AWAKE…knowing what is going on and taking action may be the only way there even IS an open and uncensored internet, and without that open internet ALL websites are open to censorship…especially if they make politicians in power uncomfortable.

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Jan 202012
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OK…so the SOPA protest two days ago worked. SOPA has been withdrawn in the house, and it’s twin, PIPA, has been withdrawn in the Senate, so folks who believe in free speech in the digital age are safe, right? Hardly.  The bills will be back in slightly altered form, but with the same threats to

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Jun 292011
Obama is a criminal.  YOU can hold him legally accountable.

Could the Obama campaign be effective while fighting hundreds, perhaps thousands, of criminal charges all over the country? Perhaps, but doubtful. It’s hard to concentrate on one front while constantly putting out fires on another.

Is it conventional warfare against Obama? No…but the colonists didn’t fight King George conventionally either.

This death by a thousand cuts is unconventional. It’s guerilla warfare. And it’s effective if it appens all over the country, not just in one or two instances.

I’ll be asking my local officials to bring charges by the end f the week. Are you going to help…or are you still asleep?

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Mar 242011
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Coming soon, VERY soon!

Hi folks…if you are here and this is the first thing you see, well…one of two things has happened: 1. You stumbled in by accident. 2. You are here because you were one of my political readers over on JuicyMaters, and have bn waiting patiently for the new political blog I promised.  Well, here it

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