Jun 102014
Let's see some ICE agents behind bars

Why does the government insist on hunting for complicated solutions to problems that can be solved very easily? Once you have a government job is it really that hard to consider simple solutions? The state of Arizona has become a dumping ground for illegal immigrants crossing the border into Texas. A large number of those

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Apr 172014
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Is violence against tyranny moral?  If so, when?

Either yesterday or Monday I was listening to Glenn Beck on the radio and he had a caller who did something I hate.  He made one of those “I blah blah blah, but blah blah.” statements. Note: I’ll say right now…if you make any argument like that, you don’t really believe either end of the

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Mar 162014
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Planned Parenthood's planned genocide

Besides the moral issue…abortion is the murder of babies…it is also an INTENTIONAL eugenics issue. The biggest abortion factory in the US, Planned un-Parenthood, was started in 1916 by Margaret Sanger, her sister, and a friend, with the express stated purpose being to breed Negroes out of American society. As an offshoot its purpose was

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Mar 052014
The Kochs are straw men, and Harry Reid is a liar

The Democrat/progressive/communist left likes to demonize conservatives rather than have a serious discussion about issues and policies in the Untied States.  They do this because they know they are devoid of facts that support their positions and ad hominum attacks and bald faced lies are their only weapon in the argument between them and the

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