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Whether you are a blogger, an entrepreneur just going through a start-up for your business, or operating a small to mid-sized ongoing concern, you probably need web services, either piece-by-piece or as a package.

Ideally, you would like to find a small web services shop with the skills to handle your web related needs while at the same time being small enough to give your needs a bit of personal attention rather than your project being “just another project”.

That is exactly what JM Web Services is…a web design and implementation shop that intentionally keeps a small client base, preferring to do a few projects well rather than a lot of projects poorly. It is a tired, old saying, but we really do believe in quality over quantity.

Right about now you must be thinking, “Small shop with small exclusive client list and a focus on quality. That means expensive.” Right?

In a word, no.

Being an internet based service means we can keep our overhead low by avoiding fancy offices and a large staff. Our digs are modest and the creative talent is small in numbers but HUIGE in skills. In this way we can complete projects that are large on quality but small on cost.

Here are a few basics that apply to ALL web services JM Web Services offers:

• JM Web Services will only design websites based on the WordPress platform. It is stable, secure, robust, and free. Of the hundreds of platforms available, WordPres is the most popular by far. Of the 1,000,000 most popular sites on the internet, over 13% use WordPress as a platform. While WordPress s best known as a blogging platform, it is also an excellent CMS (content management system) for business websites.

• All themes used will be WordPress optimized to keep your site operating smoothly. You have a choice of free themes available from WordPress, premium themes available from a wide variety of theme designers, or JM Web Services will design a custom theme to fit your needs exactly.

• JM Web Services designed sites are SEO (Search Engine Optimized) to the extent site design can affect SEO. The fact is it is the actual content on a site that has the biggest impact on a sites SEO. Getting good SEO results is up to you and the content you create for the site (unless you choose to hire JM Web Services to copywrite and SEO optimize your content as an option).

“How much is all this going to cost?”

Not as much as you would expect.


JM Web Services offers three levels of web design:

1. Total custom. $1995.00 and up. The total custom option includes installation and set-up of a theme designed by JM Web Services for you that is completely custom to your website. An example of a total custom site is the one you are on now, Common Sense Conversation.

2. Semi-custom. $995.00. The semi-custom option will include installation and set-up, on your hosting service*, of a JM Web Services designed theme, but it may or may not be a one-off theme, meaning another customer MAY get the same theme (but given the number of sites on the web it is unlikely you will ever see it anywhere besides on your site). This option includes a home page and set-up of up to 4 categories. Graphics will be standard (you can get graphics upgraded, such as flash or rotation for an additional charge***).

3. Basic. $495.00. The basic option includes installation and set-up of either the Atahualpa or Suffusion theme on your hosting service* **. This option includes configuration of a home page and 2 categories. Graphics will be standard.


For more general information, or to discuss your specific needs, contact Bob Hayles via e-mail at [email protected]


* Hosting services. JM Web Services is a design and implementation service. We do not offer hosting. However, we have sorted through most of the top rated hosting companies and will recommend the company we think is right for your site.


** JM Web Services packages cover design and implementation only. All other charges, such as hosting, domain name registration, e-mail marketing and autoresponder services, and other outside servicesare the responsibility of the client. We will be happy to assist you in setting such services up and integrating them into your site.


***Additional customization beyond what is included in our packages is billed @ $40.00/hr.


Additional services offered by JM Web Services include copywriting, SEO services for existing content, autoresponder copy, and voice-over work for your podcasts or radio commercials.


Give JM Web Services an opportunity to serve your internet needs. Contact Bob Hayles at [email protected]