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The police in the United States, with the help of Homeland Security, are becoming ever more militarized. That is just a hard, cold fact.

By itself, that is not necessarily a bad thing.  Simply having more equipment available, equipment unimaginable outside a military setting just a few years ago, does not automatically make for bad police.

What is troubling is the militarization of police tactics and, particularly, police attitude.  Police officers, a group that used to “protect and serve” are more and more acting as though their job is to “abuse and arrest”.  The same neighborhood cop my father taught me was my friend and someone to go to if I was in a jam has become a uniformed, Gestapo-like thug I would teach my children to avoid at all costs.

The following videos are from across the country, and are proof that it is not “the occasional bad cop” that is the problem.  It is the overall change in police attitude throughout law enforcement, an attitude that bodes ill for this country and the freedoms we enjoy.  When “we the people” see that government, and the police, are no longer constrained by law and The Constitution it is likely the people will not feel constrained either.

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The first video is a compilation. Those that follow are of individual incidents, with locations if possible. You might want to make those police agencies identified know what you think of their tactics, and point out that maybe this is why people have lost respect for the police.

A Compilation

Stop and frisk…over and over and over…

Los Angeles County, California police shoot unarmed 80 year old man in bed.

Note the smear of blood after the head slam…

…and the judge just site there. Justice, right?