Jan 292016
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(Bob Hayles)  Y’all make up your own mind, but here’s what I see, and why:

This is video from the FBI of the incident, including what I believe to be the murder, of LaVoy Finicun, the Oregon protester.

First I’ll deal with the video and shooting itself, and then the situation where the shooting took place.

The shooting has been termed a murder by some, including me, while the FBI says it was in response to Mr Finican attempting to draw a gun.

If you watch the video at the 9 to 10 minute mark you see the actual shooting. You see Mr Finican exiting the vehicle, hands plainly in the air. He moves away from the vehicle while continuing to keep his hands up.

Moving thru heavy snow is difficult, and it appears Continue reading »

Nov 152015
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radical or moderate Muslim

This about says it all. The FACT is there is no such thing as a “moderate muslim”. Get a copy of the Koran. It is very specific. Practicing Muslims are directed to either convert those who are not Muslim or KILL them, period.

News item folks. We…The entire western, non-Muslim world…is at war, whether we want to admit it or stick our heads in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist. We are at war with a cult (yes, a cult. Islam is NOT a religion) not over territory or resources or money or political ideology, but over core beliefs and culture.

Since Viet Nam the United States has not fought a war to win it, instead fighting to not lose. This time we damn well BETTER fight to win. To lose THIS time is to die.

ALL of us.

Nov 152015
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Assistant National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes claims the Syrian refugees being allowed into this country…the first load came into New Orleans Friday…have been thouroughly vetted and that they are NOT terrorists.

Ben Rhodes AND his boss, Barack Obama, are liars, pure and simple.

To vett people you must have informatoion about them…their background, their criminal history, who they associate with, and that is simply not possible with people from Syria. Syria’s president, Bashir Al-Assad, would not give Americans that information even if he had it, and he doesn’t. Syria is a backward, tribal country, still existing Continue reading »

Jul 262015
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For seven years now you have tried to divide Americans.

With your comments on the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown deaths, and more recently the Charleston church shootings you have tried to divide us along racial lines.

You have tried to divide us along economic lines with your rhetoric about evil business, about how they, and the wealthy don’t pay their “fair share”, making the poor suffer.

You have tried to divide us along political lines, trying to make conservatives Continue reading »

Jul 182015
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I read the following this morning, written by an anonymous Marine in response to the murder of 5 members of the Armed Forces, 4 Marines and one Navy serviceman, earlier this week in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

There is really little to add, except that this Marine…and ALL Marines, active duty and all others who have served…need to know that in this war (and make no mistake, we are in a war regardless of what POTUS says) huge numbers of Americans will be standing, and fighting, with them.

I was never in the Marines, but reading this man’s words makes Continue reading »