May 102012

So, call those congresscritters and tell them you agree with the “fair share” idea, once “fair share” is properly defined. You might offer up the alternative to paying more while you are at it. Suggest…strongly…that rather than collecting more money, congress might, just maybe, consider spending less, a LOT less.

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Apr 292011
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About that birth certificate…let’s fight a winnable battle

It really doesn’t matter which side of the birther issue you are on…focusing on it is bad for the constitutional conservatives, the GOP, and the country. Attention paid to the issue is a distraction…a distraction that really doesn’t matter, even if true.

The time for raising the issue of Obama’s birthplace was in early 2008, when the outcome could have disqualified Obama, cutting short his desire for the presidency before being elected. Proving he didn’t qualify then would have ended his run at the office.

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Apr 262011
republicans mimic democrats…form circular firing squad

It must be something in the Washington, DC water supply…that’s the only explanation. After watching the Democrats do the circular firing squad thing for three years, and seeing the results of that last November, you’d think the Republicans would learn, right?

Not no but HELL no…they are busy playing the same game themselves this year.

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Apr 062011
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Race not started but two GOP horses dead in the gate

The GOP horse race for the 2012 Presidential nomination hasn’t yet started, but of the dozen or so apparent contenders, two are…or should be…dead in the gate. Both are bright (one bordering on brilliant politically), both are energetic, and both would be able to raise enough money to run an effective campaign. The problem is

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