Aug 102014

OK folks…this is a bit long…58 minutes in total…but its worth it. It is a collection of YouTube snippets of South Carolina US Representative Trey Gowdy. It is WELL worth your time to watch. You will learn what a real

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Jul 292013
Military spending vs defense spending, or why the GOP hates libertarians

David Brooks is a conservative pundit with the New York Times who veers from the path of most “conservative” writers…his views are his own, not based on talking points handed down by the GOP.  After the 2012 presidential debate in which Ron Paul asked voters to realize the distinction between military spending and defense spending,

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Sep 122012
Time for this shit to stop!

Obama has bragged that there was now a free Lybia without a drop of American blood being shed. He can’t say that anymore. His failed foreign policy, his unwillingness to be a leader, his assuming the mantle of appeaser-in-chief, has now resulted in the death of four United States State Department employees.  And it gets worse.

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Sep 062012
No election in November?  Maybe not...

18 months ago I thought “no election in November” was little more than a whacko theory of nut job tinfoil hat wearers. As a matter of fact, of all the strange conspiracies, THIS is the one that pronpted the name of the videos on this site and the name of my YouTube

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Dec 062011
More passengers on the gravy train, and policy vs principle

First we’ll look at a government program that has taxpayers buying houses for the poor…that THEY own. Rather like Habitat for Humanity, but on the government (taxpayer) dime.

Next…a look at the politics of personal destruction. Why would anyone in their right mind offer for public office when media and pundits refuse to talk facts and positions, instead spending their time living in the gutter, and dragging candidates into the gutter as well?

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