Mar 192014
Easy Ukraine solution that is over the community organizer's head

So.  Crimea has had its vote, and the US looks weak, thanks to our community-organizer-cum-president.  Regarless of all the rhetoric there is nothing that can be done about the Crimea situation at this point.  The US certainly cannot serve up Putin a military solution, even by proxy.  We are tired of war and while we

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Feb 172014
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John McCain...anti-christian and unfit to serve

Sen John McCain is determined on arming opposition forces in Syria– in spite of strong proof that they’re run by Islamic terrorists. He displayed behaviour unbecoming of a United States Senator during a recent conference with Syrian Christian leaders exploring Capitol Hill. The delegation of Syrian clergy went to Washington to raise awareness among legislators

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Nov 072013
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Sheldon Adelson ALMOST got it right

During a panel discussion at Yeshiva University last Tuesday billionaire and American/Jewish businessman made a startling suggestion to resolve the Iranian nuclear situation.  Bomb them…with nukes.  Extreme as it sounds, there is a germ of a good idea in the suggestion. Adelson suggests dropping a nuke in the middle of the Iranian desert then calling

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Aug 172013
Just who the HELL do they think they are!!??!?

In case you haven’t heard, there was a revolution in the United States almost 250 years ago.  I know…you folks probably knew that, but then you folks probably aren’t members of congress or the government’s executive branch. Year after year, administration after administration, Republicans and Democrats alike, seem to have skipped that part of American

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Jul 292013
Military spending vs defense spending, or why the GOP hates libertarians

David Brooks is a conservative pundit with the New York Times who veers from the path of most “conservative” writers…his views are his own, not based on talking points handed down by the GOP.  After the 2012 presidential debate in which Ron Paul asked voters to realize the distinction between military spending and defense spending,

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