Jul 182015
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I read the following this morning, written by an anonymous Marine in response to the murder of 5 members of the Armed Forces, 4 Marines and one Navy serviceman, earlier this week in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

There is really little to add, except that this Marine…and ALL Marines, active duty and all others who have served…need to know that in this war (and make no mistake, we are in a war regardless of what POTUS says) huge numbers of Americans will be standing, and fighting, with them.

I was never in the Marines, but reading this man’s words makes me wish I had been.

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Jan 262014
Who wants gun registration?  The  Gestapo...Germany's and ours.

A recurring topic here at Common Sense Conversation has been guns… Gun registration, concealed carry permits, background checks, and other discussions revolving around firearms. Regarding gun registration, the argument here at Common Sense Conversation has always been against people having to register their guns. We have often pointed out that gun registration is simply the

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Apr 122013

Rino Chambliss and Rino Isakson supported Obama’s gun control yesterday. Yesterday, April 11, Sen. Saxby Chambliss and Sen. Johnny Isakson voted to support the gun control measures of President Obama and the progressive left. They proved once again that the citizens of Georgia are without representation in the United States Senate.  They joined with the

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Mar 212013
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About gun control.  Sorry, but I told you so

The government ALREADY confiscates legally owned…AND REGISTERED…guns: Several weeks ago I told you folks that the ONLY reason the government wants to register guns is NOT to help keep them out of the hands of criminals and the mentally unstable.  It is to let the government know where to find them when it decides to

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