May 152012
A mom, a kid, and the American Gestapo

Today’s video is a bit longer than normal…a few second shy of 30 minutes…but it is important. A little boy in Utah is hoping you…depending on you…to watch it and TAKE ACTION.

Everything you fear about an out of control legal system…especially an out of control Family Court system, is here in this case.  Please…watch the video and then don’t let Donny down…DO SOMETHING!

Now…let’s see if I can piss you off enough to get you taking action:

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Jun 292011
Obama is a criminal.  YOU can hold him legally accountable.

Could the Obama campaign be effective while fighting hundreds, perhaps thousands, of criminal charges all over the country? Perhaps, but doubtful. It’s hard to concentrate on one front while constantly putting out fires on another.

Is it conventional warfare against Obama? No…but the colonists didn’t fight King George conventionally either.

This death by a thousand cuts is unconventional. It’s guerilla warfare. And it’s effective if it appens all over the country, not just in one or two instances.

I’ll be asking my local officials to bring charges by the end f the week. Are you going to help…or are you still asleep?

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Mar 232010
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All politics is local"

Thomas “Tip” O’Neill, Jr. was the speaker of the US House of Representatives from 1977 until 1987, and he is best known for a quote from his father after he lost his first political race. Thinking votes were safe in his neighborhood due to the “home boy” factor, he took them for granted, barely campaigning

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