Feb 282013
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Policies vs Principles:  where to stand, where to compromise

Policies are places to meet, not be divided… principles are inviolate  We are at a point where the history of the future of the United States is dangerously close to to being dramatically different from its past, for the worse.  We are on the edge of going from the democratic republic envisioned by the founding

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Sep 242012
Hey!  Obama!  YOU built this, jackass!

A few weeks back President Obama made news…and got a boatload of bad publicity, especially among small business owners…when he told a crowd of people at a campaign stop (does he make any other kind of stop these days?) that if you had a small business, “You didn’t build that!”

The backlash, especially from those people who he insulted, those who did, indeed, “build that”, has been loud and lasted far beyond a one day story’s normal life.

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Sep 122012
Time for this shit to stop!

Obama has bragged that there was now a free Lybia without a drop of American blood being shed. He can’t say that anymore. His failed foreign policy, his unwillingness to be a leader, his assuming the mantle of appeaser-in-chief, has now resulted in the death of four United States State Department employees.  And it gets worse.

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May 182012

here is what we are all about, and…

…what we are trying to do. The bottom line is, if we hit a hot button for you…and we PLAN to hit a hot button, or at least try, DO SOMETHING besides complain.

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Jan 282012
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Red v Blue...on jobs, who talks and who walks?

Liberals…progressives…democrats have one vision for job creation, the main action that will bring America’s economy out of the doldrums.

Conservatives…capitalists…republicans (small “r” republicans, not big “R” drink the GOP cool-aid Republicans) have another vision to do the same.

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