Feb 222014
Say the Pledge of Allegiance?  Not no but HELL NO!

Most of my friends would say the Pledge of Allegiance. I’m sad to say that, for the moment, I won’t. Why? Well, because I will not pledge allegiance to a country that: 1. Sanctions the murder of unborn children. 2. Says it is OK to unconstitutionally spy on

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Feb 192014

There is only one reasom.  We want to be free from a dictatorship.  We want to be free of the politicians who work only for themselves. That sounds a lot like US, doesn’t it?  There is only one difference between them and us.  They have

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Feb 072014
It is time, reason 1:  The farm bill, Republican traitors, and more

Its not just Obama, folks…and its not just Democrats/progressives/communists either. Its ALL of them, including the Republicans. They consider themselves a ruling class, with the rest of us their serfs. ¬†Recent votes by Sen Johnny Isakson, allegedly a Republican, from Georgia, highlight just how much Republicans ignore the taxpayers, the voters, in favor of special

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Oct 172013
"...a government that was intentionally inflicting harm on the American people."

A few mornings ago Sen. Joe Manchin, (D-VA) said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” (slightly paraphrased, working from memory from a soundbite I heard ): I didn’t come to Washington to be a part of a government that was intentionally inflicting harm on the American people. So now what we all knew anyway has been

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Oct 082013

Over the last several days Obama and the progressive (Marxist) congressional leaders seem to be quieting down their rhetoric regarding a “clean” CR (continuing resolution). While it is still mentioned as a tool to beat the GOP controlled House with, the passion seems to have died down quite a bit.  Now the focus seems to

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