Mar 052014
The Kochs are straw men, and Harry Reid is a liar

The Democrat/progressive/communist left likes to demonize conservatives rather than have a serious discussion about issues and policies in the Untied States.  They do this because they know they are devoid of facts that support their positions and ad hominum attacks and bald faced lies are their only weapon in the argument between them and the

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Aug 172013
Just who the HELL do they think they are!!??!?

In case you haven’t heard, there was a revolution in the United States almost 250 years ago.  I know…you folks probably knew that, but then you folks probably aren’t members of congress or the government’s executive branch. Year after year, administration after administration, Republicans and Democrats alike, seem to have skipped that part of American

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Feb 282012
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A good reason for all, dems and repubs alike, to be pissed off

“I fell flat on my face just as I heard the whishhh of a mortar I knew was too close. A red flash stabbed at my eyeballs. About fifteen yards away, on the upper edge of the beach, it smashed down four men from our boat. One figure seemed to fly to pieces. With terrible clarity I saw the head and one leg sail into the air.”

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Apr 262011
republicans mimic democrats…form circular firing squad

It must be something in the Washington, DC water supply…that’s the only explanation. After watching the Democrats do the circular firing squad thing for three years, and seeing the results of that last November, you’d think the Republicans would learn, right?

Not no but HELL no…they are busy playing the same game themselves this year.

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